Ezgi Ezdar Onur
UX Design Manager

Easy, Fast and
Stress-Free Transportation Experience

Scooter Sharing Platform - Mobile Application UX&UI Design


Beany offers an environmentally friendly micro-mobility experience with its scooter-sharing system. In the model, which is specially designed for short-distance trips in the city, individuals can find the nearest scooter independently of any station and travel by online payment.

In the completely digitally managed system, all actions such as renting, tracking, and locking are carried out online via the mobile application.

Detailed user research, UX&UI design of mobile application were carried out within the scope of the project.

The Process


An online survey was conducted with potential users to understand user profiles, behavior patterns, and common problems. It was especially targeted at on-campus and urban users.

According to the results of the survey, it was revealed that the users are mostly between the ages of 18-34, plan their travels themselves, and make short trips by public transportation or on foot.


One-on-one online interviews were held with users to gain user insight and conduct behavior-target-needs analysis.

Interview Notes:

“I love walking around on my trips, but it would be nice to have an alternative to public transport to return to the hotel when I get tired.”

“Being able to leave the vehicle wherever you want is a very good feature.”

“I make my trips spontaneously, I act with the solution in front of me at that moment.”

“I wish there was a reservation feature, I was just going to walk and get a scooter when someone else got ahead of me.”

“There should be an audible and light alarm so that I can easily see the scooter I will rent.”

Easy, Fast and Stress-Free Transportation Experience


As a result of the research, 4 different personas were created. By detailed persona canvases, user information such as biography, motivations, needs, and criteria was collected.

Persona Types:

  • Solo Traveler

  • Traveling Couple

  • Economic

  • Campus Lover

Easy, Fast and Stress-Free Transportation Experience

Market Research

Easy, Fast and Stress-Free Transportation Experience


Easy, Fast and Stress-Free Transportation Experience


We usually start the design process with sketching. This is the way to iterate through many design options quickly.

Easy, Fast and Stress-Free Transportation Experience


Wireframes (low-fidelity models) were made to create user scenarios and conduct first user tests.

After the user tests, feedback was taken and the iteration was done.


  • Usage steps have been simplified.

  • Payment stages have been simplified.

  • Reserve feature added.

  • Added alarm sounding feature.

  • Rules added with visual steps.

User Journey

User Journey

Easy, Fast and Stress-Free Transportation Experience

UI Design

Once we tested out all usability mistakes, we started designing the final screens in "Sketch".

Guiding Questions:

  • Simplicity was given priority in UI design.

  • In addition, integrity was achieved by using corporate colors.

  • The application is designed for Android users.

  • It is aimed to increase the usage with a simple and elegant appearance.

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