Ezgi Ezdar Onur
UX Design Manager

Sports Experience Beyond the Limits of Time and Space

Ux Research Study for Mobilfit-Sports Market Place Web Site


Mobilfit is a platform that brings together professional sports trainers and sports fans who want to train in different branches. Users can get training at any time and any place they want.

There were problems with acquiring new users and retention on the platform. UX Research study was conducted to understand the roots of the problems.

The Process
Sports Experience Beyond the Limits of Time and Space


One-on-one online interviews were held with users to gain user insight and conduct behavior-target-needs analysis.


  • One-on-one interviews with 6 people lasting 45-60 minutes

  • 3 women, 3 men

  • 30-40 years old

  • Middle and Upper-Middle-Income Level

  • Using computers and mobile devices

  • Has Android and Apple mobile devices

Sports Experience Beyond the Limits of Time and Space


User Testing

After one-on-one interviews, a website usage test was conducted with the users. As a result of the tests, bugs and usage problems were analyzed. User insight gained.


  • General navigation (navigation and understanding scope)

  • Review Lesson and Instructor pages

  • Course Purchase

Sports Experience Beyond the Limits of Time and Space

UX Research Report

The results of user interviews and tests were analyzed and reported. Some bugs and usability issues identified according to the report are exemplified below.

Some Bugs and Usability Problems:

  • The number of people in the course selection may decrease to minus.

  • 2 days later, a lesson is selected warning appears, but it can be given 3 days later.

  • When trying to choose a course while "Month" is selected on the calendar, it closes the whole day.

  • The lesson cancellation box is confusing.

  • It is not understood that 0 is not prefixed when entering phone information.

Minutes of Interview
Bugs are detected
Usability Problems