The Reborn Sage Preaches in the City

(This article is reproduced by Zero Long Literature Network) [Saint Reborn Chapter 19 Prelude to War Training Ends] (This article is reprinted by Lingjiu Literature Network Looking at the angry Yang Yang, all the soldiers beat a drum in their hearts, and could not help praying silently for their future happiness that God could open his eyes, hoping that the drillmaster could let him go, or that he could be killed by a thunderbolt! But as if that God is not very clever, as long as you look at Yang Yang's sinister smile, you will know that the happy life in the future has gone away from you. Yang Yang looked at the soldiers below with a funny look, and almost caught up with the famous face-changing in his hometown. [ of Lingjiu Literature Network] After a while, Yang Yang seemed to organize a good speech, said with a smile: "In fact, we do not have to be afraid of me, I am still very kind, as long as you strictly follow what I teach to do, you will become the most powerful person in the world, even in the fairy world is also a great person, of course, you will not achieve what I said, it depends on their own efforts." Yang Yang's words let the following people blood surge,30ml dropper bottle, excited, but also deeply relieved, if not for military orders, I am afraid they will jump up excitedly or shout loudly or violent points to "learn from each other" to vent their excitement. Yang Yang saw that he had seduced everyone's interest, but he was also worried that they would lose face if they were proud and forgot their shape. He immediately said seriously, "I have given you the opportunity. Whether you can grasp it or not depends on yourself. Now I would like to make a few requests. First, I don't want anyone else to know about the skills I taught you. Of course,Glass Cosmestic Containers, it is before I agree." Second, you can only be loyal to the country and serve the country. If you dare to betray, I will let him be destroyed in both form and spirit. Third, what you hear and see in the following can not be spread, even in the country. Do you know? "I know," they said in unison. As soon as he finished, a soldier came out and shouted, "Report." Yang Yang asked seriously, "What's your name? What's up That soldier says: "My name is Yang Dayong, I have a problem to need the answer of drillmaster." Yang Yang looked at Yang Dayong who asked the question and said without anger: "Say." Yang Dayong raised his head and said with a serious expression: "I don't understand. The drillmaster said the third one, what he saw and heard, can't be spread out. I understand. But I am very confused that the drillmaster clearly asked us to serve the country and be loyal to the country in the second one. Why did he say in the back that he wouldn't let me tell the country?" When everyone heard what Yang Dayong said, Empty Glass Foundation Bottle ,Blue Bottle Serum, they all thought it was reasonable. Although they didn't say it out loud because of discipline, they still asked silently with their eyes. Yang Yang looked at everyone who had such questions and said with a smile: "Now you can't know, because you haven't touched it now and don't know the shock it brings to you. How to say?"? I'll know why I said it when I take you there. What else do you have now? Yang scanned the crowd with his eyes. Although everyone was not very satisfied with Yang's answer, he still knew that Yang would take everyone to solve the answer after a while. So, no one asked questions. Yang looked at everyone and ordered: "All of you, at ease, now give you an hour to bring your rations for a few days to gather here." Take you to a place. [Lingjiu Literature Network] "Yang Yang finished, turned around and sat on the rostrum, and the soldiers below saluted in unison:" Yes. " With that, the soldiers hurried to prepare their own food. An hour later, the soldiers quickly gathered at the meeting place. Yang Yang looked at them with satisfaction and sighed in his heart: "You are worthy of being a special soldier. You can complete your task in a short time." After all, three thousand people have to get their own food in a short time, if there is no discipline, the speed is really difficult to complete the task in a short time. Yang Yang looked at the crowd and said, "Well, now everyone is here. I hope you can keep quiet about the vision for a while. Don't make a fuss. Do you understand?" "I understand," they said in unison. After Yang Yang looked at all the people ready, he offered up the chaotic beads and sucked them in, and came to the place where the twelve little practitioners had been practicing. When the soldiers arrived at the place, they looked around with fear and curiosity. Although they wanted to vent their fear to their comrades-in-arms and discuss where they were now, they thought of what the drillmaster had told them when he came in, so they endured it and quickly stood in formation on the broad training ground. Waiting for Yang Yang's appearance. About half an hour later, Yang Yang appeared and said to everyone, "I know you are very confused, but now the first task I give you is not to mention this place to the outside world. Do you understand?" "I understand," they said in chorus. Yang Yang said with a smile: "Very good, I am very satisfied with your performance, and I will tell you where you are now." Everybody is overjoyed after hearing, after all, most of the soldiers are straightforward, encounter things they do not understand always want to understand clearly, otherwise the heart must be uncomfortable, even so, if let them speak out is unlikely, because they are soldiers.. Yang Yang was very satisfied with everyone's expression and proudly introduced: "First of all, you should be very honored to enter this bead. This bead is called Chaotic Bead. It is the only treasure of chaos since the beginning of the world. It is also my companion Lingbao." Yang Yang proudly glanced at the crowd, only to find that the crowd was not surprised to look at themselves, but looked at themselves blankly, Yang Yang saw a burst of frustration, no way, had to start from the beginning to introduce,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, not Yang Yang did not want to pass the matter about the flood immortal directly to them, but the thought of three thousand people on a headache, although convenient but not their own trouble.