Legend of the Dog God

Speaking of refining materials, Lingxu has a headache. His best spar has been eaten by small stones. How can he refine top-grade flying swords without good spar? All the people present took out their own spar. Wuyundan Taoist School is a school of alchemy. It is very rich in economy. There are many top-grade spar, but the best rare spar is generally not exchanged by others. They keep their own refining utensils, so it is still very few. Lingxu selected some of the better spar, or shook his head, these spar can be used as an assistant, but the real Kenshin will have Reiki only if it uses good materials. When Lingxu was worried about the spar, the little stone suddenly jumped out of his body and said, "Dad!"! Didn't I tell you to come to me last time? Do you really think I eat the usual spar for free? The sudden discovery of the little stone startled everyone, and its name almost made everyone fall down. Han Guangxin was a little embarrassed and said, "Shibo.." This is your son. "Eldest brother," said Dayongzi carelessly, "are you an immortal who also has a son? Immortals can also get married. That's great! Married to the fairy? Dayongzi remembered the disciple of Jingxiang Pavilion just now, and his saliva almost flowed out again. He was thinking about how to chase the female practitioners. Lingxu laughed and scolded Dayongzi and said, "Oh, what are you thinking about? It's a long story. Although I'm the father of Little Stone, it's definitely not born by me. Can I give birth to Stone?"? Joke The people present are the younger generation of Lingxu, even if they dare not say anything, they all laugh to cover up the past. The little stone ignored the crowd, and these practitioners simply looked down on him. He asked, "Dad, what kind of spar do you need? Tell me directly. I have a way." Lingxu didn't know what his son was going to do. Remembering the thunder sword in Chaos Kendo,Amber Dropper Bottles, he said tentatively, "Do you want a piece of the best crystal stone with thunder nature that can be controlled by a true cultivator?" The little stone made a small gesture with the stone finger, opened two legs directly, made a gesture of going to the toilet, and everyone was about to ask, "plop.." With a sound, a black spar was pulled out directly from the buttocks, and there was a flash of lightning on it. Lingxu almost fell to the ground,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, a little incredible way: "This." I didn't expect you to have this ability. It's just this way. The small stone does not care about the loud way: "Dad, you see how this spar, if not, I pull a better one out!" " Everyone felt a little strange and made a symbolic action of covering his nose. Only Dayongzi shouted happily: "Boss, your son is so interesting. He is much cooler than you. He can pull stones. And in front of so many people, he is so cool. He is my idol!" Lingxu picked up the palm-sized spar and found that it was a rare top-grade thunder spar. It was a bit of a waste to use it as a realist. He wondered, "How can you.." Can pull the spar. The little stone didn't mean to be shy at all. He waved his hand and said, "Dad, don't say so badly. What are you pulling? This is production!"! The production of spar is my specialty, as long as the things I have eaten are purified and pulled out, and sometimes it will produce some good things that I have never had before. This stone is called dark thunder spar, which is thunderous. Let's see if it's OK. If not, I'll get a better one. Lingxu was coaxed to be stupefied, nodding that it was OK, the little stone was very clever to return to his father's shoulder, Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale ,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and began to play with himself. Feng Fengdan's old eyes were all confused. He murmured, "Shibo, your son is too powerful. Such a good spar can be pulled.." Produced, if found by the master of refining, this is priceless, ah, equivalent to a cornucopia, can be pulled. The son who produces medicinal materials. Feng Fengdan's words let Lingxu a little dumbfounding, but the small stone is really interesting, did not expect him to have this ability, if it becomes a giant stone, it is not the material that can pull the artifact? What a look forward to. Lingxu also no longer nonsense, holding the dark thunder spar in his hand, the power of the light God through the interior of the spar, he can now clearly feel the internal structure of the entire spar, which is another characteristic of the power of the light God-fusion analysis. Lingxu felt that this feeling was too comfortable. He understood everything about the spar so thoroughly that he seemed to be able to make it himself in the future. With the understanding of the spar, it would be easier and more perfect to dissolve it. His hands rubbed and pinched the spar in his hands like dough, and countless electric stars drifted out of it, making a "crackling" sound. Everyone watched intently, and there was no sound in the whole quiet room except the sound of the refining vessel. Lingxu stirred the spar and explained: "The refining vessel is like alchemy. In fact, it is the same truth. First of all, it is to dissolve the material to the purest level, to do as much as it can, and to exert the ultimate energy of the species!" Dark thunder spar has dissolved into a flashing thunderbolt in the rubbing of Lingxu's hands, wandering in space, followed by a one-handed virtual grasp, grabbed a few pieces of top-grade spar thrown in, and a flash of lightning, as if the meat was thrown into the oil pan, "clatter.." Make a loud noise. Lingxu looked at the surge of thunder in his hands, a flash of inspiration in his mind, twitching a hand, pinching Ziyan to lead the thunder, a purple thunderbolt came in out of thin air, rolling in the lightning, dissolving into one piece. Lingxu began to explain again: "The second big step of refining is the formula. As long as the first step can be done well, the second step is a matter of course. Once the materials are integrated, the rest is shaping and matching, as well as additional attack and defense methods." After continuously adding several crystals, Lingxu changed the technique of shaking the thunder lightsaber and added it to it, so that the cultivator could control it. Then he set up a small array with the power of Zhenyuan, which was connected with each other. Finally, he could not see any substance clearly, leaving only a dark purple thunderbolt shuttling around. Lingxu finally put his hands together and whispered, "Knot!!!" After a burst of thunder and lightning, "Pow.." With a loud noise, a long sword with flashing lightning was suspended in the void. The hilt was slender, the blade was wide and flat,Cosmetic Packaging Wholesale, and there were two pairs of small thrusts on both sides of the blade. The dark purple thunderbolt shuttled through the body of the sword, emitting layer by layer, which made people feel its power and automatically spread far away. penghuangbottle.com