Uzair Ahmed

UX designer

I'm a real estate builder in Islamabad

Advantages of buying a flat

Buying a house can be genuinely problematic. As a first time home buyer, you may constantly stress over that which kind of house you truly need or you truly need to accumulate your own home. Regardless, propelling systems show that people are more coordinated towards buying flats rather than lodging. Apartments have a few adaptable components and offices which settles on it a supportive land decision. Coming up next are several benefits of buying a flat.


Greater part plans are after a short time focusing in on building apartments rather than houses. People post for the flats in made district where they can get most indisputable benefits like instructive and clinical work spaces nearby. It depends upon your tendency that where you genuinely need to settle down, in hustling around of a city or a quiet and tranquil spot.


Land industry has prospered in the past a really long time .they not simply focus on lavish sterile thing and imported fittings yet in like manner offers lifestyle comforts, for instance, rec focus space, pool, and wild exercise local area, etc these workplaces makes your life beautiful and obliging as you don't need to move away from your standard degree of shared trademark to help this enormous number of workplaces. People get attracted to structures with this massive number of workplaces and bound to buy a Homes For Sale in Islamabad in this kind of building.


Security is the need of buyers when they look for an apartment. Security in flats complex is raised when meandered from single homes since neighborhood in a comparable arrangement, accordingly decreasing the chances of occasions. Apartment properties likewise gives security attempts like the system of CCTV structures and prosperity specialists. In unequivocal plans, there are parties additionally which record each portion in the construction to ensure inhabitants' prosperity.

Insurance Housing Society

Customarily it is known as DHA and it is composed by Pakistan Army. It is an exorbitant at any rate extravagant neighborhood area. It offers tremendous number of comforts to its tenants. Anyway this errand was unequivocally made for surrendered and in-affiliation arranged power workforce yet normal people can other than buy flats, houses, and plots in the housing society. If you are searching for an elegant and rich lifestyle, DHA is the most ideal decision for you. Part plan for Homes For Rent in Islamabad

Centaurus Mall

It offers excess apartments with every one of the benefits under one housetop. The expenses are fairly high than various spaces of Islamabad yet flats in this retail outlet authenticity going through cash. You can pick flat energetically depending upon your sensibility.

Pick the most fitting area and you will see that things will wind up being heavenly and significant later on. Journey flats accessible to be bought in Islamabad in the actually alluded to district and experience the best hypothesis of your entire life. You can nearly glance through online through strong regions, for instance, gharbaar and be ready to contribute.

Qualitative Research

I started my career as a sociologist, which allowed me to gain a great deal of experience conducting in-depth interviews and qualitative research methods.


In my first UX designer job, I had the opportunity to perfect my prototyping skills. My favorite tools are Axure and Figma.

UI Design & Branding

In 2019, I took an in-depth UI course to improve my UI design and graphic design skills. Since then I've been involved in UI design and branding projects as well.

What I do when I'm not working

If you can't find me at my computer, I'm either skateboarding, skiing, or just enjoying a coffee at my favorite specialty coffeeshop, the Beenie's.

Guiding Questions

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