"Grandpa doesn't know where he is now. It's all right for us adults to worry about him. There's no reason for the children to suffer with him.". You are still a mother, and you can't even understand this truth. What was your intention just now in front of the children? When Mrs. Tsao heard this, she burst into tears of grievance. For a moment, she could not care less. "Something has happened to you," she said. "The maidservant is very upset. The maidservant is really afraid. I'm afraid my uncle will never come back. Shen Yuechen's face turned blue faintly, and then he sneered, "It's useless. I can't help you with your business. I only know how to cry all day.". At present, there is no news to say what happened to the uncle, but you are anxious to cry first. Okay, since you want to cry, I'll let you cry enough. "Somebody, take Aunt Cao to the woodshed in the backyard and let her cry in it.". No one will let her out without my orders! When Aunt Cao heard this, she shook her head repeatedly and refused to go on the ground. As a result, she was slapped twice and dragged down. Confused things, things that do not live up to expectations. Shen Yuechen was so angry by Cao Shi that he had a headache, and his body shook slightly unconsciously, as if he could not stand. Chun Ming hurriedly supported her and said, "Young lady, don't be angry for these unworthy people.". She doesn't deserve it. After Shen Yuechen stood firm, he raised his hand and rubbed his temples on both sides. After thinking about it, he said, "You should pay more attention to this. If anyone dares to talk nonsense and say some mindless nonsense in the future,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, I will deal with it all according to the family law.". This kind of person's success is not enough and failure is more than enough. It's useless to keep it. If you send it out early, you can also let others fall in peace. Chunming nodded heavily. You can rest assured that the maidservant knows in her heart. With a long sigh, Shen Yuechen added, "I'm going to see Sister Ying. She must have been frightened just now.". Why should she be so embarrassed when such a small child can understand how much she has gained? Chapter 294 News (2). Shen Yuechen brought a goldfish lantern to Zhu Ying again, but she was not as happy as she had just been. She just stepped forward cautiously and thanked her. She is very good at looking at the eyes, just be Cao Shi so frightened, even if hold back did not cry, the heart must be very afraid. When Shen Yuechen saw her staring at him,juice filling machine, she hesitated and asked, "Mother, did you do something wrong?"? It made my aunt angry. When Shen Yuechen heard this, he could not help sighing in his heart. Why is it so? It's not a good thing for a child to be too good at winking. Shen Yuechen patted her on the head and said, "No, it's none of your business." As he spoke, the maids brought two plates of fruit. Brother Ming is busy pulling Zhu Ying to eat fruit together and talk with her to relieve boredom. Shen Yuechen saw the two of them staying together and smiled, thinking that it was time for him to go and see Li Shi. Although it was the reunion night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Li Shi still took the medicine. Li Shi's dinner is simple, not too much meat and fish. Drinking medicine before meals is a very hard thing. However, for the sake of good health, it is still necessary to drink three times a day without interruption. The boiled medicine can work well only when it is taken while it is hot. Every time Li finished drinking the medicine, he would feel that he had no appetite. But today is an exception, she not only drank up the medicine, but also ate a big bowl of rice, water bottle packaging machine ,liquid bottle filling machine, even the side dishes with rice are also clean. Seeing this, Mammy Sun was overjoyed. Before, Li Shi could not even eat half a bowl of porridge for every meal, and had to be persuaded and coaxed by his grandmother, which was very difficult. Today, perhaps because of the festival. The big lady's heart also wants to see more. When Shen Yuechen came over, Li Shi had just finished his dinner, and the maids were preparing to clean up the dishes. Looking at the empty dishes, Shen Yuechen could not help but move in his heart. He looked up at Li Shi and said with a smile, "You look good today, and your appetite is much better." When Li Shi saw her coming, she smiled and waved to her. "Come and sit down," she said. "As Mammy Sun let her pass, she said respectfully," Thanks to my grandmother, your ladyship's appetite is finally getting better. Shen Yuechen sat down next to the bed, saw Li Shi stretched out his hand, and shook it back. "Only by eating well can I have the strength to keep fit. I've been ill for more than half a month, and I've caused you a lot of trouble." Li Shi opened his mouth with a slight sigh. Shen Yuechen smiled and said, "As a daughter-in-law, it is Yuechen's duty to serve you. Why bother?"? Besides, as long as you can take good care of your body, my heart will be at ease. At present, if someone has an accident again, it will be a big blow to everyone. Shen Yuechen hopes that Li Shi can get better quickly, cheer up quickly, and help himself through the current difficulties together. Li Shi these days because of the company of Shen Yuechen, the mood is stable a lot, plus take medicine on time, dizziness and weakness symptoms also ease a lot. You're a real relief. Today is the reunion night of August 15, and I don't want to be sick all the time. I have to cheer up before the brocade hall comes back. Son's life and death is uncertain, daughter-in-law is pregnant, all day watching her with a big belly to take care of themselves, Li Shi only felt that he was really useless. The more such a time comes, the more someone should take charge of the overall situation. Besides, she also really can not bear to see Shen Yuechen so hard, every day to force a happy face to accompany themselves. Li secretly made up his mind, so even if he had no appetite, he had to let himself eat well, have a good rest, and try to take good care of his body as soon as possible, so as to help his family do something and help his son Jintang do something. Li Shi pulled Shen Yuechen to talk for a long time. Shen Yuechen worried that she would be tired, only let her lie in the quilt, and then gently pinch her arm, relax the muscles and activate the blood. There's still no news from Jintang. A moment later, Li Shi suddenly opened his mouth and said this sentence. Shen Yuechen lowered his eyes and answered lightly, "Well, there's still no news." When Li Shi heard this, he almost burst into tears again,water filling machine, but the next second he held back. "What's the use of crying?" He said to himself? No matter how much you cry, it won't help, but it will only make people look upset. gzxilinear.com