"Mom, I'll wash my hands and help you." In the courtyard, Shen Qinghe turned on the tap, plastered his body, washed his face and hands, and went into the hall. The two elders slept for two or three hours in the afternoon. At this time, they were just a little tired, but they did not lack sleep. They also slept all the way in the car. In the corner of the yard, long bamboo poles were covered with clothes for bathing during the day. Drifting in the breeze. Grandpa, grandma, thanks for your hard work. Shen Qinghe put down his satchel and greeted the two old people. It's not hard. As long as our family is together, it's not hard. Helping my mother to serve food, the family's first meal in the capital was very rich, with fish, meat, eggs and fresh vegetables. In time for the Spring Festival, the old people saw all this, very calm, grandchildren quietly into the black market, they all know, did not say anything. When she came, the old lady's registered permanent residence was in Binjiang. She gave Liu Hui the book for getting grain and some things, and asked her to help her get them. She would send them every six months. The house was also entrusted to her and rented out to earn a little money to subsidize the family's expenses. The three of them were not in good spirits. After eating and talking for a while, they went back to their rooms to sleep. During the three-day holiday, I won't go out tomorrow. It's too busy outside, and there are still many places under martial law. It's better not to go out at all. The Liu family will also be very busy tomorrow, and it is estimated that there will be no time to receive them. Go to Liu's home the day after tomorrow, and go to Director Zhou's home the day after tomorrow. Shen Qinghe remembers his parents' home and has been there twice. The next morning, the Qiao family was woken up by the gongs and drums outside. Joe's family are not going to go out to have fun, they are going to rest at home with the door closed,interactive kiosk price, and they are going to take a closer look at their new home. Shen Qinghe got up early, cooked a pot of brown rice porridge, and prepared three cold dishes to match. The weather has begun to turn cool, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is large. After breakfast, Shen Qinghe took his father and mother around the house, focusing on the vegetable base behind the back cover room. "Grandpa, grandma, mom, don't open this door at ordinary times, and don't tell anyone that we planted vegetables in the back. Don't plant climbing vegetables against the wall. If you want to plant them in the corner of the back cover room.". Don't let people find that the capital is different from Binjiang. We are not familiar with people and places,digital whiteboard price, and we don't know others. If there are a few people who harbor evil intentions and accuse us of something, no matter whether the charges are true or not, it will have a bad effect. In the future, the family will use the stove to cook meat dishes, and the big stove will boil water, cook rice, steam steamed bread, steamed buns, and fry side dishes. Don't let people smell our meat dishes. "All right, listen to my grandson. I'll take care of the vegetable garden in the back after closing the gate." Joe has a lot of survival wisdom, and he doesn't think his grandson is alarmist. Everything has to be careful, not to cause trouble to the Liu family. Chapter 185 fifties scum (16). For three days, I accompanied my family, visited and thanked them, and contacted them. In the capital, I also turned around, and several neighbors I already knew were introduced to my grandparents and my mother. Grandpa Bai, Great Grandpa, Grandpa Jin and Grandpa Su are all the old men that Shen Qing and Gujing Hutong know, and they are also the most harmonious families around them. With such a person, the heart is safe. Now walking in the street to see the people, facial recognization camera ,facial recognition thermometer, the mental outlook is OK, but the thin is not decent, some old people walk hungry drift, children are also, clothes on the body swing, how thin ah. But all this, he can not do anything more, the only thing he can do is to keep his family. Repeating the same thing, it was four years in a twinkling of an eye, and two years had passed since the famine. Four years of college were over, and he was assigned to a government job. Liu Yan is assigned to Hua. Social work The best newspaper in the country. Two people's wedding is also set on New Year's Day, originally wanted to set the National Day, but Liu Laozi and Liu Fu to participate in the National Day parade, can not attend the wedding, can only put the wedding on New Year's Day. On the day of graduation, I got both graduation certificate and marriage certificate. Double certificates are complete and work with certificates. Both of them have a month's vacation. They went to the unit to report on August 1st, and the formalities have been completed. Even the work permit has been issued, just waiting for work. In four years, the two elders of the Qiao family went back to Binjiang twice, each time in spring, and came back after a short stay in January. On July 8, Liu Yan moved from the courtyard to Qiao's house. It's convenient to go to work. Move here first. There is one more person in the family, Grandpa Qiao and Grandma Qiao seem to see that Liu Yan already has a little great-grandson in her stomach, and she is happy every day. In the past month, Shen Qinghe and Liu Yan have gone to work separately. Every day after work, Shen Qinghe would go to the door of the newspaper office to wait for his wife to get off work. He was the twenty-four filial husbands in the newspaper's legend. After tidying up the table and getting ready to get off work, Sun at the opposite desk pointed out the window and said, "Xiao Liu, it's a pity that you got married as soon as you graduated from university, but seeing the performance of your family, I think it's nothing for you to get married early. It's good." How good the stone is, Liu Yan knows in her heart, but she is modest in her mouth. "We grew up together and know each other well. The elders want us to get married early.". So I got married as soon as I graduated from college. Carrying a satchel, Liu Yan went downstairs with her colleague Xiaosun, stood beside her husband's bicycle and waved goodbye to her colleagues. The young couple talked about the interesting things that happened in their respective units, not far from home, and soon got home. Today's Liu Yan married is not the same, the role change quickly, wash your hands after work, put the bag to Shen Qinghe, get into the kitchen to cook, and grandma in the kitchen busy with a family dinner. One night in late October, while cooking dinner, Liu Yan, who was cooking fish, suddenly dropped her shovel and ran outside. She kept retching at the tap in the yard, "vomit, vomit, vomit.." The old lady, who was a little silly at first, quickly reacted. Stone, come on, send Xiao Yan to the hospital for a check-up. The family soon moved, and Shen Qinghe rode his bicycle to send his wife to the hospital for examination. Liu Yan sat in the back seat, pulling Shen Qinghe's clothes and whispering, "I'm all right, don't go to the hospital, let's go back?" Shen Qinghe, who also understood roughly, laughed and said, "No, when we come home from the hospital, we will report the good news to everyone at home." "Good news, good news for what?" Liu Yan,interactive whiteboard prices, who had no experience in her first pregnancy, did not think much about it at all, nor did she think that she would be pregnant soon. hsdtouch.com