Fortunately, the four princes taught her a way. Moreover, the four princes let people use some means, let the big prince often go to the inn singing girl sick, she had the opportunity to enter the inn, and gradually get the trust of the shopkeeper, in order to perform in front of the big prince. Finally make this step! Smiling, she looked at Beichen Yu with sinister eyes and said, "It is said that your father's favorite son is your elder brother. If you let him know that you are hurting your elder brother like this, what do you think he will do?"? This must make your father more angry than you killed yourself! She is not without thought, directly deal with Beichen Yu, let Beichen Yu to kill, after all, she met Beichen Yu in the street some time ago, Beichen Yu did not recognize her at all. It is not impossible to start with Beichen Yu. But Beichen Yu killed an outsider, and Beichen Yu wanted to kill the emperor's most beloved son, which of the two can provoke the emperor, of course, she knows very well. So after Beichen Xie Yan made such a proposal, she agreed without hesitation. Beichen Yu's face immediately became ugly. Pointing to the shadow of the moon, he angrily rebuked, "You snake and scorpion woman!"! It's really the most poisonous woman's heart! When the shadow of the moon heard this, she seemed to have heard a very funny joke. She looked at Beichen and said, "a woman of snakes and scorpions?"? The most poisonous woman's heart? Two princes, who can compare with you in this world compared to poison? Beichen Yu looked at her with a frantic expression,temperature screening kiosk, and for a moment he could not speak. But the month folds the shadow, very quickly continues to open the mouth way: "In those days, who said that wants to marry me, makes own two princes and concubines?"? Who made a lot of vows of love and took out your mother's hairpin as a token to deceive my body? When I was tired of it, I turned against him. As soon as the second prince heard this, his eyes hid, but he knew in his heart that if the woman did not relent, he would be in great trouble. So he stopped scolding, hoping to calm her mood and make her change her words. So he opened his mouth and said,temperature scanning kiosks, "Even if I was tired of it, I really loved you in those days!"! Otherwise, I wouldn't have given you my mother's hairpin! This is the truth of the two princes. At this point, he opened his mouth again: "Even if I don't love you, I let you down, and you don't have to hurt me so much!" The shadow of the moon immediately sneered: "I hurt you?!"! Ha-ha! When you were afraid that I would delay your future, you killed my parents, forced me to drink abortifacients, killed the baby in my womb, and set fire to me. Now you have the face to say that I hurt you? 152 blind As soon as she said this, the two princes' faces, after several changes, finally lowered their heads with some guilt. I was really myself at the beginning, and I'm sorry for this woman first. Two princes in this life, do a lot of immoral things, but the most immoral, is indeed this one. When he went out to play and saw this woman, digital signage kiosk ,smart interactive whiteboard, he was so moved that he must want her. But the shadow of the moon is only the daughter of a businessman, but the heart is very high, indicating that even if he marries a pawn as his wife, he will not marry a high family as his concubine. In order to get her, he had to promise that he would marry her and be his second princess. The two people later had a relationship as a matter of course. And, at that time, he was really sincere, his mother's favorite hairpin, gave her as a token of love. But after only two months, he slowly got tired of it. He himself did not expect that his love would come and go so quickly. Was preparing to leave here, back to the capital, back to the way he really should live, to marry the woman his father arranged for him, but this woman, but do not agree, determined to follow their own walk. If the father emperor knew that he was mixed up with the daughter of a businessman and wanted to marry her as the imperial concubine, the father emperor would be furious and want to inherit the throne, which was a fool's dream. When he liked her, he really considered that he didn't want anything for her and wanted to marry her as his wife against his father, but after he didn't like her, all his vows of eternal love came to naught. So he had to try to get rid of her. But this woman. Thinking of this, he opened his mouth and said, "I didn't intend to attack you at that time. You were unrelenting. You threatened me with the child in your womb, saying that you would go to the capital and complain to your father, so that he could know that I had abandoned you." Father is certainly not for this little thing, will be his life, at most is to let him accept this woman as a concubine, but if this matter to the front of the father, to the capital is well known, he is also impossible to ascend the throne. This is a serious stain! Thinking, he couldn't help saying, "If you had agreed to be a concubine, there wouldn't have been so many things!" "It was you who promised to marry me, but in the end you blamed me for being unrelenting," said the shadow of the moon in a cold voice! I do not want to be a concubine, and threaten you, you will kill my whole family, but also kill my baby, now! I will kill you! Everything in this world is karma and harmony. There is no hatred for no reason. The sins done will be returned when they should be returned. Yue Dieying admitted that as an emotional loser, she was not beautiful enough at the beginning. Because she was this man, cheated away the body, but also cheated away the heart, she is not reconciled! Not willing he said not to love, not willing he turned back to the capital, want to get rid of their own to marry another woman, so she will make so ugly, after all, she is still in love. She hoped that he would change his mind. Unexpectedly, the result of the demand is the destruction of the family. People who have no humanity can't force themselves on them, but when she knows this truth, it's too late. And some time ago, in the street encounter this man, he actually looked at her with amazing eyes, the other is completely strange, but also let the shadow of the moon know that he was blind. He doesn't even remember what she looks like! 153 The oath is fulfilled But she lost her whole family's life for such a man. When the second prince heard what she said,outdoor digital signage displays, he said, "The past has passed. Can't you put it down?"? As long as you are willing to change your story, I will make it up to you! 。