Hi! I'm Francesco.

I got into UX and UI design around 2010 when I got my first smartphone. Remember how wonky some of those first Android phones were? Exactly! My frustrations, mixed with the thought of "this could be so much better!" led me to become part of a community that worked on custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy phone series to improve their user experience. Over the years, this interest grew until I found a UX-oriented University program at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I graduated in early 2021.
Right now I work at Valsplat, where I use my skills and creativity to design digital products that help people achieve their goals and makes their time in the digital world well spent :)

For me, design is a process where the functional and the aesthetically pleasing are combined in order to create products that make for a delightful experience.

My dream projects?
To design a camera interface and to work on the UX and UI of a videogame.

When I'm not designing I enjoy cooking, but you can also find me on my couch playing guitar or out in the open taking photos. As you can guess, that's enough to keep my creative juices flowing!

If you feel inspired to work together, feel free to get in touch.