Rocket Bank is a fictional banking app that is part of the UX Design Institute's visual design project requirement. Delivering a clear, playful, and trustworthiness into the app, I designed screens that delivers secure and smooth transactions.

ROLE: UI Designer

DURATION: Feb 2021-May 2021

TOOLS: Figma, Inkscape

The Problem

A fictitious client wants to have a responsive banking app that fits their brand personality well.

The design should deliver playfulness, clarity, and trust-worthiness all throughout the user navigation.

The Process

I created a mood board to help create an organised design inspiration. This frames my design ideas and helps me deliver a better design.

View the file here.

The Solution

As I finished laying out my design inspiration, I proceeded to designing the screens for the responsive web app.

To make sure that my design process is done correctly, I built a centralised design repository that includes a color palette, typography, iconography and imagery, shapes, and interactive states.

Keeping in mind the client's brand personality, I was able to come up with this final responsive web app design.

View the file here.


As a part of the project requirement, I wrote a reflection paper that helps me further develop my knowledge and skills by identifying opportunities for improvement.

View the file here.

In this project, we were given a base design template, which limited my design layout, especially in the Statistics screen design.

Having a UX perspective, I would have design the layout differently, in a way that accommodates intuitive user experience.