As I got more involved in the open source community, I found more projects needing help with their screen designs. QuNetSim, a quantum network simulator, is creating a web app and was in need of a user interface design!

For this project, I researched similar softwares available to the market and studied what the web app is going to be and from that, I designed the screens and prototype.

Role: UI/UX Designer

Duration: July 2021 - present

Tools: Figma

The Problem

As a simulation framework, QuNetSim's capabilities is currently limited to users who purely codes. So the team decided to implement a user interface that makes the framework easier to use.

The Process

I had a couple of meetings with QuNetSim's team to discuss what functionalities should be implemented for the user interface.

For references, I researched similar webapps available on the market and used it as a guide for designing QuNetSim's webapp interface.

The Solution

After a few iterations, I finalized the design for the QuNetSim's webapp. I created user interface screens and a prototype for the webapp.

The project is still ongoing. After the initial webapp development, it will be tested on different users and will be designed and adjusted accordingly.