I was getting more involved with the Unitary Fund team. It seemed to me that it was the time that I proposed a website redesign to help them engage more people within the industry.

As of this writing, I have already created a benchmarking project and skeleton sketches for the website construction.

Role: UI/UX Designer

Duration: May 2021 - present

Tools: Figma

The Problem

Unitary Fund is a non profit that gives microgrants and does research in the quantum field. However, with their current website, they have limited access and influence with others in their community.

The Process

I did a competitive benchmarking on four similar websites and the Unitary Fund's website. This helped me identify the content, layout, and structure that is being implemented commonly throughout different websites.

View the file here.

After presenting the benchmarking project, I had a meeting with one core member of the Unitary Fund.

We discussed the problems they are encountering with their current website.

The talk lead me to the conclusion that the website lacks presentation that makes them trust-worthy enough for their crowd.

Having done enough research, I proceeded to sketching skeleton templates for their new website structure.

I followed the content, layout, and structure that I learned from my benchmarking project and addressed the problems that the Unitary Fund's website is currently facing.

View the file here.

Coming up!

I am currently designing the screens and building the prototype.

Tune in for the final version of Unitary Fund's website!