Galaxy UX Studio

Who we are?

Galaxy UX Studio is a software design & development company offering creative, innovative, and intuitive web and mobile solutions for you. We draw design inspiration from human needs and interactions, blending your digital and real worlds together.

All you need to do is tell us what you want, relax as we cook the perfect UX-UI recipe for you, and be ready to get a piping hot solution served!

Our team

We take pride in having a team of extremely talented professionals from across the globe. The team works diligently and passionately on the design and development of your bespoke web and mobile solutions. We feel lucky to have worked on richly diversified projects and domains contributing to our growth and experience.

Galaxy’s credo

Galaxy UX Studio is driven by inclusivity, agility, and empathy. What makes us deliver the best is the empathy lying at the core of our value system.  Empathy for each other, for our partners, and for the users.

We believe in fostering a culture that enables personal and professional growth. Every member of the Together family shares the vision of transforming the user experience through design. We are incessantly working towards contributing and serving society.