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Best Synthesis Essay Topics and Prompt Ideas

Most students think that synthesis essays are a lot difficult to write my essay. Don't worry, here is the list of topic ideas for you to get started with:

"Comparison and Contrast between two Famous Authors" If this subject is down your alley then it's time to pull out your book or notes because you will be using them throughout this entire process. You might find some similarities and differences between these authors but if you cannot come up with anything in comparison yet then make sure to look at their life experiences as well. The most important thing to remember about this argumentative paper is that it must follow a pattern of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Be very careful about the structure of your paper because in order for your paper to turn out perfectly, everything must follow the right order.

Underneath are a few tips that can help you get started:

Restate the similarities of both authors and then describe how they differ from each other.

Choose one or two unique skill sets from your author A and list down what makes him/her famous in his/her field. Be sure to use concepts and ideas as well as quotes from different books written by this author to prove why he/she is so special in his/her own way.

Discuss about another author-author B whose skillset is quite similar with that of your essay writer A's but at the same time has some characteristics that make him/her stand out too. For example, you can talk about how they both write books that are related to nature. However, author B may focus his/her writing on the ocean while your writer A writes books about plants and animals. If you want a few more ideas in this area then go ahead and read some additional sample synthesis essay topics over here: Freelance Writing Jobs | How To Write A Good Essay

Implications of Technology in Our Daily Life There are so many people out there who argue that technology is destroying the world or helping it at the same time. It all depends on what kind of technology we discuss here by essay writing service. Take for example cars which have been very commonly used today as means of transportation from one place to another. Cars are said to be quite helpful but at the same time can be very dangerous when used irresponsibly. In your synthesis paper, you will talk about whether technology is destroying us or helping us and why? 

"Who was the Most Influential Person in History?" If you want to find out who was the greatest person ever on earth then start with preparing an outline since it will help you stay focused throughout your writing process. Try to include people from different areas such as religion, politics, science, etc. However, don't forget to follow the main idea of your argument.

The most important thing to remember here is that you have to pick a person who was influential not only in his/her lifetime but in history as well. Below are few more tips that can help you write my paper:

Try and list down some famous names of people who were known for something great throughout their lives.

Locate different sources like books, online articles, or magazines which will tell yo

u about the accomplishments of those people on your list.

Remember that even if your thesis statement is not very strong yet it doesn't mean that your whole paper is already bad. Your introduction must be superb and engaging enough so make sure to work on it really hard! If you do not have time to write you can take help from paper writing service.

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