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Case study: New feature

Strategy, content, and UX copy for personalized SEO reports

New feature


Alexa's On-Page SEO Checker does automated assessments for landing pages. It scans a page and lists recommended changes to improve its search engine ranking.

Target users are digital marketers and site owners from small-to-midsize businesses. They may not have SEO or HTML expertise.

I was both Product Manager and UX Manager for this feature. I set strategy, created the content, and did the final UX writing. 

User interviews had shown that SEO is a source of anxiety. So my approach was to provide clear, actionable instructions along with positive encouragement.

New feature


I mapped out the user journey on a giant whiteboard and annotated it with insights from user interviews. This helped me break down the problems we needed to solve, and do it from the user's point of view. 

The map was an effective design tool. The team met in front of it, referred to it daily, and tested ideas against it.

Take a look at the original journey map in a Google Slides deck.

Screenshot of the content spec

Screenshot of the content spec

Content creation

Here what I did to create original content for the feature:

  • Worked with an SEO expert to identify topics and best practices

  • Wrote the rules for when a page needs fixing or "passes" a topic

  • Wrote strings to feel cohesive when stitched together into a report 

  • Created a copy-deck-meets-functional-spec that design, engineering, and QA could all use 

Here's a PDF snapshot of the deck from our Confluence wiki. The Fix Copy and Pass Copy columns contain the two string versions for each topic. Visible annotations like the green checkmarks provide a look at how this spec was used by developers and QA. 

Sample screens

In this scenario, the user wants a blog post to rank high when people Google "shakespeare for kids." 

The user provides the URL and target phrase. Alexa scans the page and puts together a custom report with ways to improve the page so it ranks higher.

If these screens are too small to read, get a closer look in Google Slides.

New feature


After launch, a third of our 1,500 target customers adopted the feature in the first 2 weeks. Years later, it's still one of Alexa's top-tier product offerings.