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Case study: Feature refresh

Strategic updates to content, info architecture, and copy for automated site scan reports

Feature refresh


The Site Audit is an Alexa flagship feature. It runs site scans and provides SEO recommendations. There's also a dashboard showing improvement since the last report.

Target users are digital marketers and site owners from small-to-midsize businesses. They're not experts in SEO or HTML. 

My goal was to give the Site Audit a much-needed overhaul. The recommendations were stale and too technical for the intended audience. 

At the time, Alexa's Net Promoter Score was low. I aimed to increase NPS as well as subscription growth by improving this core feature. 

Screenshot of the copy deck & string matrix

Screenshot of the copy deck & string matrix


As PM, I took charge of the content. Here's what I did:

  • Audited the content using source code to find all the string variations

  • Worked with Customer Support to identify pain points

  • Restructured content into building blocks 

  • Rewrote microcopy, strings, and HTML examples

  • Reviewed content with subject matter experts

I put the results into a single spec/deck that included functional details for the developers (e.g., dynamic elements flagged in red). See the entire document in Google Sheets.

Sample screens

Here are key screens from a Site Audit showing my updated content:

Copy choices

The top-level "recommended action" summary is key to the report. I wanted it to serve as a to-do list, so it needed to be succinct and scannable. I rewrote the strings to focus on actions and moved details to the instruction pages. 

Here are some before-and-after examples:


Add links to certain pages from prominent pages on your site so that search engine crawlers can find them.


Add on-site links to important pages. See Reachability.


Make sure that the important pages on your website have titles that are 65 (or fewer) characters long.


Shorten page titles to 65 characters or fewer. See Long Title Tags.


Redirecting too many of your sites [sic] pages to other pages wastes crawler resources and may result in a smaller number of pages being crawled.


Replace redirects with direct links or reconfigure server. See Redirects.


In the four months after launch, subscriber growth rate for our top-tier plan shot up 250%, and NPS rose 28 points.

5+ years later, the Site Audit is still one of Alexa's signature features.