Project Objective:

After a successful, nationwide launch of the the new Western Union Brand Experience, we initiated a pilot test for innovative digital signage inclusive of new fixtures & comprehensive content strategy. 

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Drive incremental revenue and same-store sales
  • Modernize perception of Western Union at Retail
  • Increase collaboration with Mobile to create a seamless customer experience across Western Union channels

My Role:

  • Research
  • Content Strategy
  • UX Design - User Flow
  • Deployment Design & Planning

Digitizing Brick & Mortar

                                        A Digital Solution

Digital signage allowed us to remotely manage marketing content.

How we delivered:

The platform allowed us to assign projects to internal users who then assigned customized marketing content kits to specific retail locations. The automated delivery updated assigned kiosks in real-time and could be customized down to a single retail location. Delivery System Delivery System

Q. How much do you like the digital signage overall?

Q. How much do you like the digital signage overall?

Customer Research

Customer intercept research was conducted post-launch to determine if the new digital signage and messaging improved the customer experience. 

  • Gathered 283 customer intercepts 
  • Overall, the digital signage had a positive impact on customers' experience and perception of the Western Union brand.

Digitizing Brick & Mortar
Digital Signage Unit

Digital Signage Unit

Final Design

The final product that rolled out was a collaborative effort with the mobile team. Stage & Pay refers to the customer setting up their transaction on the Western Union App and then completing the cash transaction at a retail location. 

Collaboration Highlights:

  • Our digital signage was key in providing informational and promotional marketing to in-store customers regarding the new service (see below).
  • The delivery system allowed us to efficiently release content in-line with the mobile service release dates.

Digital Signage Sizzle Video

                  In-Store Placement is Key to Success

The success of the digital signage was still largely dependent on placement in the store location. In general, when placed by the customer service counter, we saw a large increase in visibility of content and therefore usage. Many called for additional interaction on the digital screens which was subsequently added to the Digital Signage roadmap for future iteration.

Digitizing Brick & Mortar
Digitizing Brick & Mortar

                                          Project Results

This content delivery product including user flow design in gained a lot of traction and is still being deployed in the United States. Additionally, the product garnered public attention including: 

  • 2016 Patent from the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • 2017 Internationalist Award for Innovative Digital Solutions

  • Interactivity - We heard from many customers that they expected the screens to be touch-enabled.  The next iteration has the opportunity to allow customers to browse WU products, sign-up for WU's loyalty program and stage transactions.

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