Lingyuan Li

Lingyuan Li, Ph.D

UX Designer

I thrive on unraveling the intricate nuances of user behavior to craft intuitive digital experiences that truly resonate with their needs and desires. With an insatiable curiosity for understanding the human psyche, my UX journey is fueled by the profound impact it can have on shaping products that leave a lasting impression on users' lives.

My personal website:

Me (second row, third one from left) as an in-person student volunteer at ACM CHI 2022 in New Orleans

About me

I’m passionate about unveiling and interpreting complex human needs, behaviors, and perspectives through the synthesis of research, thus providing users with optimal experiences in a more meaningful and enduring way.

From left to right: visiting the Met, hiking, playing Guzheng, visiting the Intrepid, playing the piano, traveling in Alaska, visiting the museum of natural history, visiting Longmen Grottoes

When I'm not working

If you can't find me at my computer, I'm playing the piano or Gu Zheng (Chinese zither), traveling, hiking, or visiting museums (e.g., history, nature, science, art, etc). I refresh myself by playing music or hiking. I love traveling, whether it is an adventure in natural scenery or urban exploring, to get extensive knowledge and experience. The inspiration must not be limited in classes and books. In particular, when doing urban exploring, I'd like to observe how people interact with the city in detail to help me better understand people from different backgrounds.