UX designer

Myrtle's Matchbox

A set-piece pulled from the 1920s

How it started

  • This project was inspired by the colorful and exciting Great Gatsby.

  • My task was to create a new matchbox for the movie set.

  • The final piece was created and crafted by me.

Myrtle's Matchbox


I usually start the design process with low fidelity sketches. This is the way I iterate through many design options quickly.

  • Sketching really helps me start to visualize and see the paths I can take with my design. 
  • For this, I did a lot of research on Myrtle's apartment and the scenes we see her in. I felt her trying to live the high life but still unable to hide from her tacky and gaudy ways. 
  • As seen, I went through a few ruff idea before moving in my final direction
  • I knew I wanted to stay with this idea of filigree or floral wallpaper look.
  • I did end up going with a more repetitive floral look

Matchbox as it would be found within the film

Matchbox as it would be found within the film


  • For this final look, I wanted to look truly reflect Myrtle and her sense of taste from the 1920s. 

  • Designed in Myrtle's unforgettable red color, this matchbox fits perfectly on her nightstand after another roaring party in her apartment. 

  • This is a fully functioning matchbox 

  • I did create the font along with all the other graphic elements. The box itself is handmade too. 

  • I do believe this final design would fit perfectly on set and blend in with that environment with its well-used appearance and attention to detail. 

Myrtle's Matchbox