UX designer

Dog-Friendly Domain Map

A guide to the most dog-friendly area in Austin

How it started

I was tasked with map-making for the first time. I chose to map out one of Austin's new and most popular dog-friendly spots, The Domain. I underestimated the precision and attention to detail this project would initially take. 

User Journey

I mapped out the users’ steps to see how I could simplify their journey to help them reach their most important goals with the product.

  • I knew this would help me better understand the space and find out how detailed the map would need to be in the end. 
  • For this, I used two separate users to map. one who actually lived in the Domain and the other was a person who rarely visited; both are dog owners with different sizes and breeds of dogs.
  • I asked them too try to shop around with their pets, as this is an outdoor mall-style area, as well as grab a bite to eat. 
  • For the user who was relatively new to the area there was some hesitation due to her not know if her pet would be allowed everywhere she wanted to go. 
  • I noticed that a map was needed to showcase to new users just how dog-friendly The Domain is and a place for them and their pups to grab a drink and food along the way.

Dog-Friendly Domain Map

UI Design

I designed the final screens in Adobe Illustrator.

  • I went will a lighter approach to this design by staying in those more basic earth tones, which are prevalent in other Domain documents. 

  • I envision this to be posed around the Domain in a more tangible format.

  • This can be used on the Domain website.

  • This final design highlights the pet-friendly and exciting interactive spaces for the dogs. 

Dog-Friendly Domain Map

What I Have Learned

 This process really had me taking a deeper look and understanding the process of map mapping. It is not something to be taken lightly. 

  • For this process, I wasn't sure how to go about map making in the slightest. it was something new and that alone was a bit scary.  
  • I loved getting to know and understand what all goes into map making and the complexities of that process.