Max Berger
Product Designer

Website Design for

Scholars is a website that allows students to match with their dream companies
based on their skills, interests, and experiences.

The Task

Re-design Scholars’ website to be cleaner and more modern, and create brand elements. Their previous website, built on WordPress, needed a refresh.

Inspiration + Process

We were inspired by clean, colorful websites that utilized illustrated cards to express their software elements. We took functionality from Scholars’ web app and converted them into new clean cards and elements. Since Scholars had minimal brand guidelines, we had room to refresh that as well. We used linear gradients that ranged from red to dark purple and made use of shadow for a clean look and effect. We applied this across their entire website.

Finished Designs

After UI & Website Discovery, I moved on to high-fidelity. I used existing brand guidelines for the cards, typography, colors, and buttons, however, I designed new gradients for a modern effect. Here are the final designs.

Website Design for

Key Takeaways

I worked with Scholars’ CEO on designing these web pages. I think we succeeded with our goal. The new site is colorful, clean, and modern, and draws attention to the most important parts of the website. I always enjoy working on landing pages, so this was naturally a fun project to work on.