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On my first backpacking trip ever, through REI!

Designer, Learner, Ecology-Lover

I’m a hybrid UX designer and researcher who can support a full product roadmap, informed by user interviews and improved by a mix of usability testing and analytics.

Empathy is my superpower, and I get excited about the ways design thinking can work for social good. Approaching problems with "beginner's mind" helps me see situations from a new perspective. Seeing the inherent interconnectedness of our world helps me be a better systems thinker.

In my next role
I want to return to working in a small Agile squad model where the team can be self-organizing and move more cohesively toward strategic goals.

I'd love to find a company that actively pursues a sea-change cultural shift away from over-consumption—"growth for growth's sake"—toward holistic ecological and social thriving.

When I'm not UX'ing
I'm learning about environmental and food justice and how to advocate for an equitable world... and hiking with my three dogs.

Let's appreciate the beauty in the world and allow it to inspire our cultural, technological evolution!