Pateel Bedoyan
UX & Product Designer

Accessible Art Program

New Program Design & Strategy

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My Role

Content Strategy and UX Designer

Project Timeline

November 2022


Figma, Miro, Excel, Wordpress

Accessible Art Program Launch

Project Background

The McMichael Canadian Art Gallery launched a program called Living with Art, Accessible Program for adults living with Exceptionalities, in partnership with Autism Canada.

The gallery strives to continue to offer such programs focused on accessibility. As a designer, I ensure that I create a clear online presence and apply accessibility standards to ensure an easy navigation experience for the target audience..

Accessible Art Program Launch

Problem Definition

The website does not have a dedicated landing page for accessibility programs. Previously this type of programming was added with other art programs, which can missed when navigating through the website. Given the importance of designing with inclusivity and accessibility in mind, the goal is to create dedicated section with the website that focuses on Accessibility programs within the gallery.

Accessible Art Program Launch


I conduced an audit of the website, and based on my findings, proposed the following:

  • Create a new landing page accessible through the navigation bar, under Learning menu.

  • The new page called Accessible Program will be home to any related programs.

  • Follow WCAG colour contrast ratios.

  • Use of images and iconography for added visual aid

  • Minimum font size use of 16px, and allow for spacing between lines.

  • Use of accessible san-serif font such as Arial

  • Use of Alt-text for images and non-text content.

  • Keep content minimal and consistent.

Accessible Art Program Launch

Target users

  • Young adults with accessibility needs

  • Caregivers and parents

Accessible Art Program Launch

Research Methods

I reviewed similar programs across other gallery websites, as well as followed websites such as and

The new pages have been submitted for review and approval by the department head, Autism Canada.

I regularly respond to and engage with any user feedback and make iterations where needed.

Accessible Art Program Launch

Information Architecture

I created a new landing page under the Learning section of the website, focusing on Accessible Programs, as outlined heirarichal site map.


Using Figma, I sketched the intial content structure of the program pages to review and test and make quick iterations where needed.

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Theprototype shows the finished product of the Accessibility Program webpage.

Project Reflection

This project has allowed my to utilize my understanding and skills in UX design and accessibility and apply them within the context of this program. when designing for any audience, its important to keep accessibility a priority for a good user experience for all.