Pateel Bedoyan
UX & Product Designer

Vitality Fitness

Subscription Box App

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My Role

UX and UI Designer


February to March, 2022


Adobe XD, Photoshop, Canva, Miro, Freepik

Project Background

UI case study project to create a simple and intuitive new user sign up for subscription box fitness App, catering to adults from different fitness levels, with the goals to increase new signs ups.

Vitality Fitness - Concept Project

Project Scope

Using Adobe XD, the prototype is to provide new users an easy sign up process, per the following project requirements:

  • Incentive to encourage new user sign ups

  • Clear guided sign up process with labelled input forms

  • Account verification for added security

  • User profile setup with system status


I conducted 4 live usability tests and feedback to test out the navigation process of new user sign ups. I observed each participant as they completed the tasks and answered any questions they had. I welcomed any feedback and recommendation to improve the user experience of the product.

Project Reflection

Following usability heuristics for user interface design such as visibility of system status and following a minimalistic design, helps the user complete the sign up process by create a positive first impression and reduce friction that could lead to user abandonment.