Hi, my name is Pateel Bedoyan

I am a Product & UX Strategist and Front End Developer, with professional background in business planning and marketing, currently working as a website coordinator for the McMichael Canadian Art gallery.

I have also have years of experience in industry in the retail and consumer brands industry managing and planning programs and project across high profile brands and clients.

I have successful track record of planning, designing and launching great products, services and content across physical and digital platforms, supported by in depth research to meet the end user needs and business goals.

When approaching an interactive design challenge for a client, I utilize my diverse background, skills, insights that I have gained and learned throughout my career and education, and apply a holistic approach that helps solve users needs and create meaningful experiences.

UX & Product Design

Incorporate elements of art, science and technology, combined with business acumen into all client projects.

User Research

With a business and marketing, I conduct research to understand target user to best communicate a value proposition in a form of a product, service or experience.


Managed large data sets to analyze and gather insights to propose strategies that align with user needs and business objectives.