Preston Halstead
UX designer

Project Background

FemLink saw an opportunity to create a better professional networking experience for women. With a short timeline and a limited budget, the push toward an MVP required a fast-paced design sprint schedule.

Design Sprints

Design sprints allowed for each feature to be quickly prototyped and tested. After mapping each primary user flow and creating the high fidelity interactive prototype, the final day of each sprint included validation testing with target users.

Click the prototype above to interact!

Rapid Prototyping and Testing

The prototype allowed designs to be tested with target users. Design iteration was based on feedback gathered during testing, and the updated design was then validated in the next sprint.

FemLink - Design Sprints and Rapid Prototyping
"The design is clean and straight forward. It's easy to figure out how to interact and post to different forums. How is this not already a thing?"
- Target User (testing feedback)