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Love, Death+ Robots Iconfont

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Origins Story

After watching “Love, Death + Robots”, the Netflix anthology by David Fincher, two designers — Michael Chernyak and Ofer Ariel, set out to recreate the original icons used in the show.

"We Must Create Them!"
Icons, Icons, Icons..

Icons, Icons, Icons..

First: Create Icons and Iconfont

Working in collaboration — 33 icons were created and compiled into an Icons & Font ready to be unleashed upon the world..

View live site (You can also scroll in the above site mockup)

View live site (You can also scroll in the above site mockup)

Next: Create a website

We quickly created a site (using Wordpress and Elementor) for fans to download the iconfont (as: Web Font, Font, PSD, AI, SVG, PNG or EPS).

Also creating a mechanism for fans to upload and add the design of their own icons to the set. 

Lastly: Write a Medium article

Get it published in Muzli magazine, get ~1K claps, and appear in Muzli's top page. 

What have we learned from this project?

  1. We can guerrilla-create an iconfont using nothing but Figma in a matter of days.
  2. We can design and launch setup a site in a matter of hours.
  3. We can get a medium article accepted to the top inspiration magazine and appear in its top page - creating traction for whichever project it is we're promoting.

1 Year later..
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