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Love, Death+ Robots Iconfont

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Origins Story

After watching “Love, Death + Robots”, the Netflix anthology by David Fincher, two designers — Michael Chernyak and Ofer Ariel, set out to recreate the original icons used in the show.

"We Must Create Them!"
Love, Death+ Robots Iconfont

Icons, Icons, Icons..

First: Create Icons and Iconfont

Working in collaboration — 33 icons were created and compiled into an Icons & Font ready to be unleashed upon the world..

Love, Death+ Robots Iconfont

View live site (You can also scroll in the above site mockup)

Next: Create a website

We quickly created a site (using Wordpress and Elementor) for fans to download the iconfont (as: Web Font, Font, PSD, AI, SVG, PNG or EPS).

Also creating a mechanism for fans to upload and add the design of their own icons to the set. 

Lastly: Write a Medium article

Get it published in Muzli magazine, get ~1K claps, and appear in Muzli's top page. 

What have we learned from this project?

  1. We can guerrilla-create an iconfont using nothing but Figma in a matter of days.
  2. We can design and launch setup a site in a matter of hours.
  3. We can get a medium article accepted to the top inspiration magazine and appear in its top page - creating traction for whichever project it is we're promoting.

1 Year later..
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Love, Death+ Robots Iconfont

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