Miki Chernyak
UX Designer

The Causality Studio UX Challenge

Case Study for Spark Beyond

As part of applying to Spark Beyond I've had the pleasure of doing their Causality Studio UX Challenge

It was comprised of three parts

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Part 01: Identifying UX problems

Breaking up the UI into separate segments, I was able to point out UX faults and suggested improvements while showing the thought process involved.

Fault Examples:

  • Element Importance hierarchy and prioritization - affecting spacial usage, hierarchy, and placing.
  • Element redundancy state (collapsed).
  • Color appropriateness and naming.

Check out this slideshow (click for next slide)

Part 02: Finding the right visualization

In part 02 I showed an exploration of the best fitting visualization type for the data and actions in the Causality Studio. First pointing out why certain types would not be optimal before reaching the perfect suggestion.

Part 03:
The Improved version

Check out this prototype (click to see interactions)

The project and my presentation skills got me to be in the top two finalists
The Causality Studio UX Challenge