Hi, I'm Ryo.

While I have worn many hats, from teaching to web development to research and writing... one thing has always been consistent:

I'm a problem solver

My success in design has always come from my ability to connect data-backed product decisions to user needs and business goals

What is my expertise?

Design – I solve problems through design; and with my strong foundation in psychology research, I have been able to solve problems for businesses no matter what industry they are in.

Research – Having published 300+ research articles, I have learnt to ask tough questions, identify the most appropriate methodologies, and effectively communicate my findings.

Business – Although I learnt a great deal from my business master's degree, my analytical and creative skills are not merely academic. I have made a meaningful impact on businesses as a designer.

Psychology – Having studied psychology in university and continuing my education on my own afterwards, I know what makes people tick, and how I can best utilize that knowledge as a problem solver.

Technology – I have designed and even developed my own apps and websites from start to finish, and I excel in cross-functional teams.

I am always interested in working with organizations where I can solve challenging problems; so feel free to get in touch. But not literally, because apparently that may kill us. Stay safe during the pandemic, friends.