What does she believe in?

Incremental tweaks are what get a product to where it needs to be.

Re-design it, test it, and go from there.

Design with intention and never stop asking "why".

Who? 😊

Sherin Susan George. A Chartered Accountant turned UX designer with a strong foundation in design and an intuitive user-focussed sense of application.

What is design to her? 💡

The UX design methodology extends far beyond the designer and a visually appealing interface. The designer molds an idea and shapes it to fit the target user group in question. Her strength lies in clear communication with a view to using her design skills to bridge the gap between an organization's goals and solution development for the user.

What does she do in her free time? 📷

She is passionate about photography and photo editing. In her free time, she works on leveling up her Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom skills. She seeks out beauty in the imperfections and small moments of day-to-day life.