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How to choose the method depends on your research question.

Mixed Methods โš–

Quantitative research: quantitative research techniques are used to observe or test something in a measurable way, with an output that is generally in some kind of numerical form. There are many very different quantitative techniques, ranging from counting numbers of things to complex statistical comparisons.

Qualitative research: qualitative research methods are generally focused on specific experiences, often through some form of personal interview or narrative, and typically generate non-numerical results. Common qualitative techniques in design research include contextual analysis, ethnography, structured interview, and observation.

Mixed methods research: mixed methods approaches combine quantitative and qualitative techniques to gain a broad perspective on a problem. The most effective mixed methods approach deliberately take advantage of the strengths of each approach in context of a particular problem.


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The User Mind

How to explore ๐Ÿงช 

Behavior - Watch

Session recordings are one of the best tools in the UX field when we want to see how people really navigate through the website and collect the insight in order to fix the user experience and improve conversions.

Attitude - Ask

A survey plays a vital role in any kind of user or market research to make precise decisions and gather important insights. Its important to design surveys with a proper way to get the best 

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Usability Testing

Target audience using a particular product ๐Ÿ—

 It is the standard way to collect feedback on a design, interface, or user experience directly and one-on-one with each participant. 

There are many ways to do user testing (in-person, remotely, un-moderated), and with many tools (video, eye tracking, clicks) but regardless of the variations, most user testing follows established protocols that cover who is recruited, what instructions are used, what the participants do during a test, how long a test is, and more. 

"To be sure that you are getting useful, valid, and reliable data during a user test, the person conducting the test must know about standard industry practices of user testing, and have experience planning test sessions, creating test materials and conducting, moderating, and interpreting tests."


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UX Research Methods and Tools