Where I Came From
I grew up on a miniature hobby farm in California across the street from a pack of 15 wolves. No joke. My first job was pulling clumps of algae out of ponds. My second job was cutting down Christmas trees with a handsaw, shaking out bugs and sap, and tying them down to cars. Finally, I found a better job doing the chicken dance on top of a semi-professional baseball team's dugout during the seventh-inning stretch. From 2000-2006 I taught yoga, pilates and meditation. I admired my parents' selfless work ethic and dedication to helping those in need, and for many years followed in their footsteps. I was the first in my family to attend college and worked full-time as a manager (and yoga teacher) throughout my entire college experience, which I was surprised to find out, is rare. Professional opportunities and connections were non-existent in the small, low-income town where I lived, so I got a late start in my career. In 2014 I decided to pursue a career in technology and it has been quite rewarding. Despite the mild adversity, these early experiences gave me what, as my father would say, "character & strength". Even though I didn't fall out of college into some amazing job, I am proud to say I have had a colorful life.

The short-hand of my educational journey.

Associate's of Arts In Graphic Design from Mt. San Jacinto College

I studied visual communication for 3 years in both traditional (by-hand!) graphic design and digital (which was cutting edge at the time).

Bachelor's of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of California Riverside

I am someone that values not only depth but the breadth of experience.

M.Ed. program at Naropa University

An expansive program with a focus in Buddhist/transpersonal psychology and integration of mindfulness into the broken educational system, complete with elementary teacher licensure.

Continuing Education:

After working in education for a few years, I came to the hard realization that it wouldn't pay the bills (or student loans!), so I started a boutique content strategy and design agency with a partner. Around that time UX was becoming a hot topic for digital marketers and traditional web/graphic designers and that's when I started taking classes. I started off with the free classes (who doesn't?), which left me craving a deeper understanding. So, I went on to complete a Product Design Bootcamp, and UX Design Bootcamp at General Assembly and then focused on continuing education classes in Interaction Design, Human-Centered Design, and UX from the University of California, San Diego.