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48in48 Event for Taylor Made Foundation

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48in48 connects local nonprofits and skilled marketing and technology professionals. At the end of these 48 hours, 48 local nonprofits have new, professional, websites. I joined the

I volunteered for the SOCIAL JUSTICE EVENT of June 23 - 25, 2023. Our Team redesigned the website for Taylor Made Foundation. The Taylor Made Foundation Inc. is focused on making a positive impact by transforming the lives of underserved and lower-income individuals through education, personal and professional development, and volunteerism.

Team: 1 Project Manager, 1 Content Manager, 2 UI/UX Designers, 1 Wordpress Developer

My Role: Wordpress Development and UX/UI Design

Timeline: 3 days


This was the design system created by the initial UI/UX Designer. After she created the system, she left for another project so we worked with this base but altered as the project developed.

Next steps

Due to the time restraints of the hackathon, we only designed for desktop.

My recommended next steps would be:


Design for mobile and tablet breakpoints and make sure site is fully responsive. We only had time to design for desktop prior to submission deadline.


Implement SEO and improve strategic keyword placement.


User Testing.


Throughout our involvement in the hackathon, our newly assembled team, brought together specifically for this event, encountered a significant challenge. Despite having a designated Project Manager (PM) in place, it became increasingly apparent that team members were frequently taking on roles that extended beyond their initial assignments. This led to a notable degree of frustration, confusion, and instances of duplicated effort. Consequently, as the project progressed, only the PM and I remained committed until its successful completion.

This experience served as a poignant reminder of the critical significance associated with defining clear roles and establishing firm boundaries within a team. By doing so, we can effectively mitigate unintentional overlaps and conflicts, ensuring that team members work together harmoniously and efficiently towards shared objectives.

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