William Harvey
UX designer


Bio-Authenication Whereabouts Tracking

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Lead UX/UI Designer
Graphic Design
5 Developers
1 QA Engineer
1 Designer (Me)
1 Project Manager
Sketch & Origami
Built in Native iOS
Go to Market
Gather Feedback
Improve Bio-Authentication


Taliware is a unique opportunity to solve an age old problem, to provide living proof of your whereabouts with bio-authentication. In early 2018, the client provided me with a few mockups for the first MVP, and challenged me to improve upon existing mockups over the next day.

Quick Mockup & Initial Feedback

I spent the next day improving the initial mockups by determining UX pain-points and modernizing the UI. I provided the following feedback back to the client.


UX Solution

The key to good UX is subtractive design, by placing each step into its own screen, then find and remove screens where steps can be combined. This is the equivalent of throwing all the puzzle pieces on the table to see how much work you have ahead of you. For the brevity of this project, I chose to begin drawing screens immediately and begin designing reusable components while designing the user flow at the same time. This way the screens are already created in Sketch, and allows me to iterate and improve on existing components as I design.


The birth of a logo

Branding Solution

We needed to convey a serious tone with the product, as our users will most likely be working lawyers and government officials. Upon research, we found that orange with the dark background conveyed the seriousness of the product.
For the logo, I wanted to relate the “T” of “Taliware” with the Pin Point of the user that appears on the map.

Key Design Decisions

Focus on Onboarding

Beautiful animated intro. Provide quick signup process and begin authenticating immediately.

Mapbox Integration

I found Mapbox to be the best tool for maximum design freedom.

Design for TouchID for MVP

Initial launch will focus on TouchID bio-authentication, prepare for additional Bio-Authentication types.


Key Takeaways

This was the first time I worked with Authentication. Apple keeps the user from modifying the UI during authentication, so I was limited. I focused on making the most important data visible while the authentication dialog was visible. We plan to expand on a UI-free experience once we integrate our own Bio-Authentication method.

This was also my first time working with map frameworks.I decided to remain locked in 2D mode to keep costs low for MVP, although I would love to get deeper into 3D map functionality for future design.

Expand on valuable features such as the summary screens and auto-export to legal entities.

Overall, Taliware became a much larger project than both the client and I expected. There was a battle between making all the features beautiful and getting the product to MVP. The client also opted to go without a written design specification to save on costs, I warned against that strategy, however the development team did an outstanding job of converting my designs into code with minimal clarification.