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Abstract design tips

Recommendations for saving space to write my papers when placing figures (illustrations, graphs, drawings, diagrams) in the author's abstract of the doctoral dissertation:

  • reduction of the scale of illustrations (relevant for graphic images made in high quality);

  • combining several pictures into one graph;

  • ordered sorting of figures (by size, title, etc.) - can be found in any popular science magazine.

How to reduce the number of pages of the abstract:

  1. use of abbreviations (for frequently used terms);

  2. reduction of typical phrases and keywords.

Requirements for the title page of a doctoral abstract

  1. The front side contains information about the full name of the applicant, the title of the dissertation, the name and code of the specialty (taking into account the Nomenclature of the Higher Attestation Commission), the title “Abstract of a doctoral dissertation for the degree“ Doctor of Science ”, year and city of defense. You can order formatting help at service if you think that your formatting is bad.

  2. The data indicated on the reverse side is the name of the organization where the work was carried out, information about the supervisor and official opponents (name, place of work, academic degree / title), information about the upcoming defense (date / time / place), signature of the secretary.

The applicant for a scientific degree signs the document on the front cover and is printed in the printing house in the required number of copies.

Review of the author's abstract of the doctoral dissertation

A review of the abstract is drawn up by the curator of the project or another specialist of the scientific organization from the mailing list of the document. If the activity of the author from essays writing help of the review is not related to the topic of the dissertation research, he has no right to compose it.

Registration rules and structure of the doctor's review recommended by authors from service:

The structure of the content of the text of the review for a doctoral research work:

  • Full name of the author;

  • the full name of the educational organization where the originator of the document works;

  • e-mail and postal address of the institution;

  • main text;

  • conclusions.

Recommendations for drawing up the conclusions of the abstract:

  1. amateur performance and usefulness of the dissertation;

  2. the validity of the chosen scientific hypothesis (objective analysis of the research base);

  3. analysis of the used illustrative material;

  4. compliance of the design with the basic requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission and methodology;

  5. an objective conclusion about the award of an academic degree.

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