Product Strategy & Design

24PetWatch - Pet Protection Plan Membership Redesign

Strategic Approach & User Flow
Timeframe: 3 hrs

UX / Journey Evaluation

  • conduct initial audit and evaluation to identify any "low hanging fruits" or quick wins
  • audit and identify any repetition and unnecessary steps to speed up the process
  • UI & UX copy edits

Market & Global Scans

  • compare services, values, and registration process of major competitors
  • look to similar services/industries such as Travel Insurance, Extended warranty purchases, banking (specifically Credit/Mortgage applications)
  • identify common practices, steps, layout (familiarity & Trust)

Reviews & Feedback 

  • scan internet & Social Media reviews/feedback on the service/business to highlight any underlying issues (Google, BBB, Pet owner forums, Twitter, etc)
  • this will provide insight to whether the low conversion rate is due to other factors such as company reputation, product offering, value, competition, trust
  • un-incentivized reviews/feedback will help us pinpoint major painpoints 

Surveys & Interviews

  • Surveys are a quick and efficient way to gather feedback on the journey/process to allow us to validate our findings from the Reviews and feedback
  • Interviews with Customer Service reps/agents will also allow us to further build the user personas and build out the journey map in combination with previous activities

Personas & Journey Maps

  • Building the personas will allow us to refine the process and anticipate any issues or concerns our users will have during the sign up process
  • Journey maps will allow us to identify opportunities and pain points 

Affinity Diagramming 

  • sorting the findings and data from all previous sessions and connecting them with our identified Personas and Journey Map will provide a holistic picture of how to provide solutions that address:
    • Users & their pain points
    • anticipating problem areas and address them when required
    • reinforcing value and increasing trust
    • providing a familiar and secure process that users are confident that they are making an informed decision

User Flow
24PetWatch - Pet Protection Plan Membership Redesign