Product Strategy & Design

- Design Strategy

This was a design strategy proposal based on the White paper GLX had published around Airlines and Ancillary products prior to joining the company

Design Strategy - Case Study


Guestlogix is a unique product aiming to provide enhanced personalized services throughout a traveller’s journey.

The Whitepaper has clearly identified the unique opportunities that Guestlogix would be able to provide added value to Airlines services to increase customer loyalty and conversion.

Web 3.0 enables advanced personalization by offering non-traditional interaction patterns that can delight and optimize the experience.     

What are the Challenges?
Design Strategy - Case Study

Airlines | OTAs

Most travellers have low expectations on their experience with Airlines.

  • Don’t understand charges/fees
  • Felt like they are nickeled and dimed for everything
  • Confusing and dated booking systems/website/apps
  • Limitations on Loyalty programs
  • Lack of choices/bad food options

Design Strategy - Case Study

Airport & Other Providers

Most travellers associate the following issues with Travelling in general:

  • Security procedures/delays
  • Lost/damaged Luggage
  • Expensive and limited food/drink options
  • Limited Duty free options
  • Unclear directions to Gates  

Design Strategy - Case Study
Is that really it?

Implementation Challenges

  • Regulations on certain offerings
  • Location (Country)
  • Technology
  • Airport (Personnel, design)
  • Facility Limitations
  • Integrations with Multiple Airlines (Apps, Check-in, process)
  • Standalone solutions that is not dependent on Airlines’ app functionality
  • Feedback/Resolution management

The Opportunity
Design Strategy - Case Study

The Ultimate CRM Solution:

Leverage Technology and Data with personalized options to fulfill Customer needs at the right time to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Design Strategy - Case Study
What does this mean for Design?
Design Strategy - Case Study
What's next?
Design Strategy - Case Study
The Journey
Design Strategy - Case Study
Design Strategy - Case Study