Product Strategy & Design

NFL Canada Fantennial Challenge

A battle for the ultimate Canadian NFL Fan!!!

Build a Microsite/Contest (Fantennial) for the NFL to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the league.

Client: NFL Canada

Time: April - August 2019

Role: UX Lead

Deliverable(s): Responsive Microsite & all related digital processes related to the contest

Platform: Responsive Web app

The Scope

The Fantennial Microsite will leverage the following functionalities:

After we launched the MVP, we wanted to gather feedback from the existing users. We set up an online survey and asked them fill it out.

  • Secure Registration - Social (Facebook/Twitter) or Traditional (with password)
  • Forgot Password (for those with Traditional registration)
  • Update Account (change First/Last Name, Phone, Postal, Email Subscription flag, password)
  • View Leaderboard
  • View NFL Social Feed (Approved)
  • View Challenges (Up to current NFL week) - updated weekly
  • View Rules/How to Play
  • Secure Login - Social (Facebook/Twitter) or Traditional (with password) - w a Remember Me

The Approach

Research and Personas

How are NFL Canada fans different?

NFL had a lot of active data on their American audience but not much was available to us on Canadian fans.  We started off with exploring the types of fans, interest level, demographics to help us create the Personas.

Guiding Questions:

  • Who are these fans and how much do they know about the NFL?
  • What are the demographics? (to determine signup/sign in platforms, notifications)
  • How might we work with the physical activation teams to improve signup for both teams?

NFL Canada Fantennial Challenge

Journey Mapping

Journey Mapping

I started with creating the journey map based on results from Discovery workshops done internally (due to time constraints).  This was a collaborative effort with our Digital strategy and CRM teams to ensure there is a holistic approach from sign up, pop-up events to execution. 

Journey Map - Pre-launch

Journey Map - Pre-launch

Journey Map - Post-launch

Journey Map - Post-launch

NFL Canada Fantennial Challenge

User Journey

I then proceeded to map out the user's journey on our digital platform on all touchpoints to ensure that all of the user needs will be addressed.

NFL Canada Fantennial Challenge

Product Management

Since the timeline was extremely tight and there were so many moving pieces including project management, account managers, art directors, copywriters, digital strategists, production designers, developers and QAs, I also put on my BA/Product management hat and created frameworks and process to help manage deliverables and dependencies.


Mentored and managed the creation of wireframes and requirements documentation for Art Directors and Developers. 

Retro | Takeaways

Experience Design within an Agency Environment

I have never had the luxury of working with so many experts in their respective fields on a single project.   Coordinating all the efforts and making sure we delivered on time meant extremely well communications and planning.

I have learned a ton from each department and has really increased my knowledge in each respective area.  

So honoured and satisfying to work with such an amazing and talented team.