Brian J Kinsley
UX designer
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Intrigue Escape Games

The puzzles of designing an Escape Room website

This project was fun, but challenging!

What problems could my designs solve for my clients?

  • They needed a responsive website to entice visitors and increase business
  • They wanted to target the local college population in Mount Pleasant, Michigan
  • Each escape game is solely booked thru the website, ease of use was a must
  • The largest challenge was simply conveying what an escape room is

Wireframes & Mock-Ups:
Intrigue Escape Games Design


Mobile Example

At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for testing & visual design purposes

  • Mobile & desktop wireframes were both made
  • These are low fidelity frames made in Photoshop
  • They helped the clients to visualize options & iterations
  • Preliminary task analysis were done using this wireframe

Scrollable Desktop Examples (below): wireframe, mock-up to current website

Scrollable Desktop Examples (below): wireframe, mock-up to current website

Full Color Mock-Up

Mobile Example:

Once I tested out all usability mistakes, I started designing the final screens in PhotoShop

  • Designs were based on researching of industry norms
  • Inspiration came from the fun & enjoyment of escape games, which led to a bright and lively palette choice
  • Web design standards were followed
  • Gestalt principles were implemented in all designs

I made it out!

My first freelance project & here are some highlights:

  • With booking only available through the website, continual consumer demand has prompted one client to move to a larger physical space to accommodate the increased customer traffic
  • We achieved and secured their spot in the Top 4 results on a Google search. These are organic, non-paid results for 4 key search terms
  • Through this experience, I was able to meet with clients, create wireframes, mock-ups, utilize my graphic design, front-end web development and UX skills all in one project!
"You know, people would pay you for this."
Todd K. - Co-Owner of Intrigue Escape Games