Web & Graphic Designs:

A picture is worth a thousand words, good design is worth thousands more.

I'm a triple threat!

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My introduction to graphic arts and web design was as part of my Web Design & Development certification program at WCC. I always try to combine that education with my Marketing undergrad from U of M-Flint, to bring ascetically pleasing and logically laid-out designs with room for branding and ad space. I'm an artist, designer and marketer all in one.

  • My work has primarily been in the realms of designing original graphics for clothing, public signage and website design
  • For an in-depth look at my website design process, check out my Intrigue Escape Games Website Development Case Study
  • Favicon design, ad set creation and logo development are also a part of my skillset

I truly enjoy diving deep into the meaning, history and emotion behind the design. 

Designs for the www:
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Website Design

Below are various examples of my site designs:

Some demonstrate particular design styles and the others had constraints to work around. Every design was challenging, but fun!

  • 3-Bucket, Grab Bag, Long & Flat, Re-design and Dominant Photo designs are represented
  • Gestalt principles were followed on all designs
  • Scrollable website examples are below:

Product Designs:
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Rash Guard

Mike Ross Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

 A custom graphic was commissioned for use on martial arts active wear.

  • BJJ is a martial art based on control, strategy and intensity. Taking inspiration from the lion, students are to take the heart of their opponent, breaking their will to continue
  • Designed specifically to only use 2 colors to save printing costs and turnaround time
  • Inspired by stencil art
  • All stock sold out within 2 weeks
  • Created with Adobe PhotoShop

Tell The Story of Your Design

Yes, that is Jason Voorhees behind that tree!

Patch/ Logo Design

Michigan Homebrew Festival

A custom graphic was commissioned for use on clothing, signage and beverage koozies.

  • The spirit of this annual events incorporates camping, comedy and consuming beer, which I tried to represent in this design
  • This is the final, full-color version of 6 very different iterations of this project
  • Copyright free graphics from Flaticon.com were utilized in this design

  • Created with Adobe PhotoShop

Tell The Story of Your Design

Neighborhood Sign

An upscale community in Plano, Tx

I was contacted by a resident to create a redesign of their entrance sign, for consideration at a pending home owners meeting.

  • This was a short notice/ quick turnaround project, done all through email
  • There were strict dimension and color specifications
  • The tree & leaves represent native species, local to the area
  • Copyright free graphics from Flaticon.com were utilized in this design
  • Created with Adobe PhotoShop

What can I say about my designs?

I appreciate subtle cleverness in design, you can impact people with the littlest details.

  • Skilled with Adobe PhotoShop
  • Experienced in creating custom graphics & logos
  • Website designer & developer
  • Advanced client relations/ customer service skills

I combine the worlds of web design, user experience and marketing all in one!