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An Alternative Investment Platform

An Alternative Investment Platform

Alto is a platform where one can invest money in collectible items, and learn about investment and get some financial education.

The Problem

No platform available for Indian youth for investing in collectibles and trading their shares, investing their money.

"Today most Indians don't manage well their money. They end up getting out of control and come to the end of the month full of debt. These expenses accumulate over time until a person loses control completely becomes very difficult to recover."

Currently, online mutual funds marketplace provide a lot of information and education about the mutual fund products that it overwhelms the user. 

Users don’t know where and how they can find places to invest that match their investment capacity.

What statistics say

  • More than 1 in 3 Indians live from paycheck to paycheck.
  • 80% of single Indians save less than 10% of their monthly income. Among married Indians, this is 50%.
  • 69% of millennials buy clothes for reasons beyond basic necessity.


"Thinking about this, you have the challenge of building a platform (preferably mobile) for money management, in which the user can insert their expenses daily and have the vision of how much money they still have available for the month. Thus balancing revenues and expenses.

Remember that you have to give incentives for the user to enter the daily expenses and that generating reports with charts can help the user to have a better understanding of their financial life."

Alto : An alernate investment app


A collectible investment app

I'll not type out the features listed for the app again, but i'll mention my thought process for them.

  • As this was an investment site which helped invest in luxury items, I had to make it look professional, yet appeal to the target audience.
  • Take level of expertise in investing into account.
  • Young people like clean and sleek visuals, there needed some time to be put into the visuals and appearance of the app.
  • The information and its jargon should be broken down in bite size pieces and the user should be rewarded for educating oneself.

Alto : An alernate investment app


Name : Aryan Mathur

Based on the market scope, the audience were the young generation who has recently started to earn well. These are on average 27-32 year old earning individuals in Tier-1 cities. They are open to new avenues of investments (e.g. crytpo), unlike the older generation.

Alto : An alernate investment app

Creating importance of the money

Money is an essential and basic necessity in a modern day to day life. The whole run is for it.

When it comes to investment, Time is literally money. The value of the money you have now is not the same as it will be in the future. 

So when handling the customers money, one should keep them financially educated and an financially educated customer always invests. 😉

Alto : An alernate investment app
Alto : An alernate investment app

UI Design

Once I tested out all usability issues, I started designing the final screens in XD.

The visual style is dark, following the material guidelines. The fact that designing an alternative investment platform for Millenials, it has to be bold, out of the box and should remain consistent to invoke trust and reliability while maintaining aesthetics.

Adobe XD is my goto tool for designing.