User Experience Research:

Kelley Blue Book, Fiverr, AliExpress & Sockerbit

Documenting with Deliverables!

The following is a summation of the UX Research I have done.

(Links are in blue):

  • A Usability Testing report on the Kelley Blue Book website
  • An Expert Review of
  • Task Analyses were conducted on the AliExpress website
  • An Accessibility Inspection was conducted at

Check out my UX deliverables below in greater detail, PDFs are available.

Case Studies for Perusal:
User Experience Deliverables

Kelley Blue Book

Usability Testing Report

A usability test was conducted for the Kelley Blue Book website, in order to determine user experience issues and provide a prioritized series of recommendations for resolving those issues.

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  •  6 volunteers were observed in various settings;  a home office, coffee shop and one in-home test
  • Volunteers were given 1 hour to complete several tasks; buying a car, list their current car for sale and try to obtain car insurance
  • Participants agreed to be recorded utilizing Techsmith's Camtasia software
  • We captured mouse movements and facial reactions to visualize when & where issues occurred
  • All users were tested using Google Chrome

User Experience Deliverables

Expert Review

An expert review was conducted of the website. This inspection focused on identifying any and all usability issues.

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  • The desktop version, mobile version, and mobile app as well as the other pages that comprise the website were inspected
  • Standard Usability Guidelines were followed:
    • Efficient Navigation
    • Organizational Clarity
    • Clear Labeling
    • Consistent Design
    • Matching User Expectations
    • Effective Visual Design

User Experience Deliverables


Task Analysis & Storyboarding

Task analyses were conducted. Multiple page processes covering several different tasks throughout the website were deconstructed to identify areas where streamlining and optimization could occur.

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  • Storyboards were created to accompany and demonstrate the reconstructed tasks
  • Supporting these task analyses and storyboards were the results of user testing, which has allowed enhancements to the processes and interfaces
  • Pencil Project open-source, all-platform prototyping software was used to bridge the gap between teammates using Macs & PCs

User Experience Deliverables


Accessibility Inspection

An expert review was conducted of the website, examining the Homepage and Shopping Cart as well as the other pages that comprise the website.

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  • This inspection focused on identifying any and all accessibility issues
  • Practices to continue were also highlighted
  • Accessibility Inspection Guidelines that were followed:
    • Simplicity & Clarity
    • Supporting Visual & Non-visual Nav
    • Proper Text Markup & Phrasing
    • Proper structural Markup
    • Providing Content & Context
    • Device Independence
    • Graceful Degradation
    • Allowing User Control
    • Respecting the User

Documents and Data help make Decisions:

What have I learned from these projects?

Research and testing are extremely important to website design and development. 

  • I find enjoyment in learning new software to aid my testing and research
  • Users never do what you expect them to do
  • Along with these documents, I also have experience with:
    • Personas
    • Card Sorting
    • Competitive Analysis
    • A/B Testing

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

~Steve Jobs