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UX / UI Designer
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The first unicorn from Brazil 

I worked as UX / UI Designer at 99taxis in 2017/18. 99taxis was the first Brazilian unicorn and we are also the main competitor of UBER in Brazil.

99 was bought recently by Didi (Chinese car-hailing company).

My role

I was responsible for the development of the new website for 99 where I created the information architecture, content, new visual standard and strategic alignment with other areas of the company.


The new version of the website aimed to make the site an attractive and informative channel, putting in all the information necessary for drivers, passengers and companies.

Old website version

The old version was important for the launch of the product during a period, however it needed new concepts and the application of the new brand guide.

The process


I conducted several interviews with stakeholders from different areas to hear needs, views and strategies for the site. This stage was important to understand the current situation of the site, to understand flows and access to information so that later the qualitative and quantitative data could be crossed with the ones in GA.


The personas were important to analyze the behavior of the users that accessed the site, its preferences and demographic data. Which page every other person accessed etc.

Card Sorting (closed)

We held a closed Card Sorting session to validate the new structure of the site with other stakeholders. That way we put all areas on the same page. 

Site map

The old version had an excess of pages, a distribution of the deficient content and lack of categorization where contents with the same subject were in different places.

Mind map

Mind map helped with the redesign of the site and presented an overview of the new sessions that would be developed.


Based on these studies, we set out to construct wireframes. This process was carried out with the participation of the Product Owner to validate and align the navigation flow of the new hierarchy of information.

UI Design

There was an alignment with the Brand Experience team mainly in the tone of voice and brand identity, once a new brand guide had been developed.

Throughout the creation process we always started with the mobile-first concept, mainly because it was the main part of our access.

Another interesting solution was to create different content depending on its location since the company is present in almost the entire Brazilian territory.

The work never ends

That was just the beginning of the project. Access data is analyzed bi-weekly to track project metrics. We always look for better features and always the site "alive" with news and content relevant to each region.


What did I Learn?

  • Listen to people (user or stakeholders)

  • Paper-prototype is a powerful tool

  • Engage developers in the ideation stage

  • Deliver work in layers

Design system

99 Design System

With the new structure and new look, the opportunity to begin the development of the 99 design system was created, starting with the standardization of colors, typography, iconography and some components. So both the evolution of the site and the creation of new products became much faster and more consistent.
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