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Branding & Identity

Marriott Hotel Websites

About the project

MarriottDigital’s UX Standards team led an effort to discover how a brand's color palette and unique font could be used to distinguish the 28+ hotel brands that appear on and the Marriott mobile app. 

My role

As a user experience designer supporting the hotel website product, I was asked to help identify the specific UI elements on the hotel website pages where brand color and font could be best applied to achieve brand expression.

Digital Brand Color Sets
Digital Brand Color Sets

Tiles & Color Sets

The lead designer on the Standards team had developed the concept of “color sets.” A color set, when applied to a specific content tile on a hotel website page, determines the tile’s background color as well as the color of various UI elements - attributes like text color, link color, fill colors, button states, etc. The colors are based on each brand’s unique palette.

UI Elements

Being well-versed in the variety of tiles and components on hotel websites, I mapped out the specific elements where brand color and font could best be deployed. I then collaborated with the Standards lead and the lead developer to review the placements, correct any “gotchas,” and approve the end result.

Below are a some of the elements I selected for branding.

The Outcome
Three different brand hotel websites
Three different brand hotel websites

Brand Expression

Brand pull through was released on in late summer 2018. The visual impact of the color palettes and - even more noticeably - that of the brand fonts truly distinguishes the hotel brands from one another and, in a simple, yet effective way, convey aspects of the brand experience.