David Hattingh
Lead UX Practitioner
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Nedbank Money App & Web

Loyalty & Rewards Redemption

The Mission Statement

Our team was tasked with enhancing the functionality of Nedbank's transactional banking app, the "Nedbank Money App, by allowing clients to redeem their Greenbacks Loyalty & Rewards points against mobile airtime, data and SMS, buy forex or even donate to a charity.

  • Our Nedbank is the 4th largest bank in South Africa in terms of assets.
  • The project kicked off in February 2018.
  • I joined the project as a UX Lead in the last week of February.

User Journey

I mapped out a number of scenarios and user journeys before prototyping small sections of the end-to-end flow and testing with groups of 5-8 users across a broad demographic representative of both our current and potential client base.


  • I had to work within the parameters of an existing design system and navigational mechanisms, which occasionally caused confusion during early usability as the user wasn't always sure whether they were using their rewards points or transactional account for redemption.
  • With as many as 24 or different projects running concurrently across the bank at any given moment, it was imperative to keep up-to-date with what each team was currently working on and problems they had solved, in order to learn, align and avoid duplication of effort.


  • Although the design system initially posed some challenges, it quickly evolved into a much more robust solution catering for most design problems we encountered. 
  • Ongoing cross-team collaboration and the introduction of a "Foundation Team" responsible for "owning" the design system assisted tremendously in ensuring a consistency of both UX and UI across Nedbank's digital channels.

Client Journey & Empathy Map
Nedbank Money App & Web
User Testing

Qualitative User Testing

As Nedbank had a dedicated Usability Testing lab and team it was unnecessary for me to facilitate testing sessions in most cases. My role however was to identify which areas need to be tested, identify the target demographic of the respondents that need to be recruited as well as writing the test scripts. After the testing was concluded it was then my responsibility to convey the test findings to all stakeholders.

UI Design
Nedbank Money App & Web

UI/UX Design

The key challenge in ensuring success in this project was introducing new user journey and UI elements without adding significantly to the size of the app as well as ensuring that the new features fitted well with the users' mental model of how transactional banking apps should behave.