Yiota Demetriou
CX & UX Designer // Service Designer // Strategist
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Editorial Workflow Plugin

Streamlining Editorial Pipelines

The Client

An independent publishing house, dealing with trade publishing for emerging authors. The company's publishing formats vary from more conventional hardcopy books to digital reading experiences.

My role: Product Designer

Timescale: 3-months

The Challenge

To simplify the editorial pipeline, increasing efficiency and productivity, by creating a plugin that can capture changes on the state of a project, directly from the email client; and present information via a read-only dashboard, which can be viewed by the editorial team and stakeholders. As well as this to devise a list of ideas that can improve the editorial workflow.

The Solution

Automating the administrative duties of the editorial pipeline via the email client. Allowing Editors to take advantage of using email to communicate, coordinate, and allocate tasks, to enable the team to manage their workflow strategically.