Steven Mocarski
Experience Designer
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Used by job recruiters to find and manage talent

About the project

Ladders is a professional-level job search and career management site used by both job seekers and job recruiters. In 2009, RecruitLadder, the application made available to corporate and agency recruiters, was in serious need of an upgrade.

My role

As the lead IA assigned to the project, I was charged with improving the application’s search experience. My specific goal was to improve a recruiter’s ability to perform both targeted searches and broad searches where results could be sequentially refined and narrowed as needed.

RecruitLadder Homepage
RecruitLadder Homepage

Omnipresent Search

One of the first improvements I made was to introduce a pervasive search bar displaying the fields most commonly used by recruiters.

Through testing, we were able to progressively refine the search algorithm and adjust the relative weighting of each of these fields to improve the quality of the results.

Search Results Page

To accommodate broad searches, I redesigned the search results page by, among other improvements, adding robust filtering to enable the recruiter to narrow and expand the results as needed.

A key feature of this design was the introduction of a time delay so recruiters could change a group filters before seeing the results - the type of behavior recruiters expected.


Job Graph

The third improvement I made was the creation of the “job graph” showing the candidate’s job changes and promotions over a 10-year span. Recruiters loved this feature because it allowed them to quickly assess whether the candidate’s job history would be a factor in their fit for a given position.


Greater Recruiter Satisfaction

Recruiter satisfaction scores improved significantly, recruiter subscriptions increased, and the UX team earned a shout-out (and bonus) from the company CEO.