UX & IT Specialist
Anja Melchiorsen, Cand.it
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Web Design | Classic-Country feeling

"How can we redesign the website of Korporalskroen to make it aesthetically pleasing and more user-friendly for a wide target group?”
In a team of four designers, we explored this design challenge through interviews and a field study.
The goal of this project was also to learn how to use HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
Screenshot: Frontpage

Screenshot: Frontpage

The project process

We went through a Design Thinking design process of:

  • defining the case,
  • empathising with customers and the in-keeper,
  • ideating on visuals and information structure,
  • prototyping low-fidelity wireframes,
  • testing usability with high-fidelity mockups.

Visit the high-fidelity mockup

Field study

Field study

Empathise and define

We studied the aestethics and vibes of the inn, by being guests for lunch and experiencing the inn first-hand. Interviewing the inn-keeper and customers provided us with other perceptions than our own and constraints for the project.

Cosy - Classic

Creating moodboards, wireframes and forming the information structure was the steps encountered before going high-fidelity. 

User tests

As we developed a high-fidelity prototype with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, we performed usability tests with a high-fidelity prototype. The prototype was adjusted acccording to test results, ending up in the result below.