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Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in Essay Writing

Everyone makes mistakes yet wise are the people who learn from their mistakes. Similarly, if you are a student then you tend to write my essay make mistakes, especially during the writing process. However, these mistakes can cost you a lot since you are given grades upon your essays or research paper. So what to do in this case? Well, this question haunts every student since you cannot get away from writing but you can improve and learn from mistakes.

Oh, wait, you do not know about common mistakes that many students make while writing an essay. It is a bit scary when you are not familiar with the mistakes as without being familiar with how can you correct them. I know you must be thinking is there someone out there who can help me write my essay or research paper. Well, many online essay writing services can help you in writing your essay or any other written assignments, especially during crunch time.

Still, confused? I know the information is a bit too much to write essay for me, I am here to help you out. Below are a few tips that can be used to avoid common mistakes in essay writing.

Avoid lengthy introduction

The sole purpose of the introduction is to introduce the topic and therefore it should be eye-catching. However, students go over the board with the introduction and do not discuss the topic point to point.

Your very first sentence sets the tone of your essay so you need to hook the reader by setting the context and a brief background of the topic along with anecdotes and a summary. So instead of adding fluff and cliches just stick to the point.

Absence of a thesis statement

A thesis statement defines the purpose of your essay but unfortunately, many students omit this part. Typically, a thesis statement comes after the introductory paragraph in which you tell the reader write my paper or article is all about unless the rules state otherwise.

Straying off the topic

Let’s be honest to complete the word count many students make this mistake to go off the topic and add irrelevant stuff. An easy way to avoid this mistake is by outlining and then crafting a rough draft. This way you can only work on the content that is relevant rather than wasting your time on writing long sentences that are not worth reading.

Spell check fail

Oh, this is troubling. If you cannot write the spellings of a word correctly, then the whole point of writing is wasted. Make sure that you double-check your spellings and look for homophones in particular. For instance, some and pay someone to write my paper.

Wordy words

If you are using the same words over and over again then the reader will immediately and will think that either you did not take the essay seriously or you have a weak vocabulary. I am not suggesting you use big words but you can use synonyms that are simple instead of repeating the same word again and again.

No punctuation

Students often forget to punctuate their essays and end up with run-on sentences and other grammatical errors. This can frustrate the reader. Although spelling errors are more noticeable as compared to comma placement but still if you place a comma and semicolon in the wrong way then it will make a bad impression on the reader. So, make sure that you check apostrophes and quotation marks as well as transition words and phrases

Copycat vs copyright

Here is the moment of truth you cannot use anyone’s ideas without their permission so make sure that you add citations. Do not be a copycat instead of just give credit to the authors of the sources that you have used to back up your claims.

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