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8 Substantial Persuasive Writing Techniques

Has there ever come a time in your life where you had to persuade someone? Like asking the teacher to delay the assignment till the next day. I am sure you would have come across such scenarios. But in all seriousness, there might be moments when a teacher would assign you the task to paper writing service regarding a topic. How do you go about it? Let us find out


Repetition is key to persuade someone. They may not understand the first time, but if you keep on going, they might take the hint. Try to state the major point in different ways and in different places so that the user may get persuaded regarding it. Avoid unnecessary repetition of the same sentence.


When you present an argument, the reader would always be waiting for the word “because”. This word would highlight why are you making a point or why are you trying to persuade the reader. So make sure you highlight the points that would be used to persuade the reader in favor of an argument.


When making a point and trying persuasive techniques, make sure that what you say remains consistent throughout. It would ensure the reader that you stand by what you say and support it with evidence. If you are not consistent with the wordings, the reader might get distracted with some details that may lose the main flavor of the topic. If you are having difficulty being persuasive, then have no fear. Just find a good online service and request them to “write my paper”. Voila, the burden is off you.


One strong weapon that you have when trying to persuade someone is comparison. Find examples from the real world that would replicate what you are trying to say. This is important because by doing this you might hit the reader’s soft spot. 


When you find a topic to write on, try to bother the reader into getting agitated. Once this is done, persuade them with your proposed idea. It would feel like a burden has gone off the top of their heads. It would make them realize that your point is the right point.

Glimpse into future

By showing the reader the effects of something in the future, they might be able to see the plus sides of your topic. Therefore proceed to enlighten them with the information they might not have thought of and capitalize on it.


People tend to understand more if they are portrayed as part of a group. Use this technique to your advantage and use examples of unifying the people into groups. Find out the groups that you could use for your topic. Ask the readers to join an exclusive group while the others would be excluded. The sense of competition would awaken inside them

Show some Proof

People always tend to look out towards their fellows to help them in many situations. This may include getting advice from them. By depicting something in a way that shows that it has been supported by other people, it would create a sense of belief. This would allow you to lure in people who might normally be against something. The proof that the topic is supported might be all you need.

It is really not that hard to convince someone once you get the hang of it. You have always done it in one way or another without noticing it. Asking the parents for pocket money increase, going to the movies, etc. So it is only a matter of putting the techniques in writing.

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